Readers' letters - March 1

'˜Smears show the right feel threatened'
Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

The right-wing newspapers have whipped themselves up into a frenzy over unfounded allegations that the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, gave information to a spy from Stalinist Czechoslovakia in the 1980s.

The aim of the right-wing media is obvious.

They hope to push back the growing popularity of Corbyn and support for his policies.

The smears directed at Corbyn are nothing new.

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It’s just business as usual, as far as the right wing press and establishment are concerned.

The Daily Mail, for example, published the Zinoviev Letter four days before the 1924 general election.

It was a forgery that said Russia was planning Communist subversion if Labour was re-elected.

In the 1970s, MI5 ran a propaganda campaign, known as Clockwork Orange, to smear Irish Republicans and the Labour Party.

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It forged Labour leaflets and pamphlets, some calling for revolution.

And in 1980, Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times ran a false story claiming Labour leader Michael Foot was a Russian spy.

The right-wing press don’t care if what they print isn’t the truth.

They are throwing dirt because they feel threatened by the prospect of a radical Labour government and the growing support for progressive left-wing ideas.

Mick Mulcahy



Betrayed by our politicians

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If a proper Brexit fails to be delivered by the next general election, the only reason would be because many of Britain’s own politicians are stabbing Britain in the back by being in collusion with the European Union.

That would be the ultimate national disgrace and humiliation because our own Parliament stood in the way of our own independence, which we voted for.

As it makes a mockery out of our democracy, all leave voters should show Parliament what they think by boycotting all general elections until we leave the European Union properly.

I even think the two-year transition period is just a ploy to buy time to find a way to frustrate the will of the people.

It makes me ashamed of my own country.

I’m very disappointed.

R N Coupe

Lostock Hall


Think of the children

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The analogy of divorce has been used in an attempt to simplify the decision of the UK to leave the European Union.

All sides of the argument are now finding the complexities and difficulties this involves, including all sides of the debates, to be more far-reaching than was ever envisaged.

When two parties are involved in ordinary domestic divorce procedures, legal opinion often advises they seek counselling, in an effort to achieve an equitable outcome.

In ordinary elections, when a political party gains power with a small majority, then subsequently struggles with their programme, they invariably seek a fresh mandate.

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The Brexit vote, and the aftermath, surely demands a similar procedure.

Denis Lee



National Old Stuff Day

March 2 is National Old Stuff Day, a day to give notice to old stuff and celebrate everything vintage.

This could be done by upcycling an old piece of furniture, asking your relatives about stories that have been passed down through the generations or passing on the items you no longer use.

In light of this, the Age UK shop in Leyland is urging people to get involved by having a clear-out and donating unwanted items to raise funds for the charity’s work supporting older people.

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We urgently need quality goods such as clothing and accessories, gifts, toys, household items and shoes, all of which are then sold on to be loved again.

Profits help fund the charity’s vital work, including our free advice line, campaigns, and support for our network of local Age UK partners who provide thousands of essential services in their communities.

Gayle Cann

Shop Manager, Age UK Leyland shop


Lack of protests over atrocities

Dreadful atrocities have been carried out in Syria for the last seven years. What is most noticeable is the lack of protests carried out in the major cities in the UK. Can you imagine the difference if Israel was retaliating to rocket attacks by their neighbours in defence of their country and citizens?

M via email