Readers' letters - June 8

Stop giving terrorists all this free publicity

In the aftermath of the atrocities committed in London on the evening of June 3, the BBC News asked Yvette Cooper of Labour for her thoughts.

In doing so, she echoed the sentiments of Theresa May, by saying: “We should take down those companies who allow (a certain organisation) propaganda.”

I couldn’t agree more!

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Let’s start with the BBC, specifically its news programmes.

They continually show such propaganda, something I have mentioned before (Stop Showing Propaganda, LP Letters, July 22, 2016).

This should also include broadcasting any reference to (a certain organisation) being responsible or claiming responsibility.

This just gives them more free publicity and rams it down the whole nation’s throats.

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Indeed, should the PM actually carry out what she said, the BBC, regardless of its so-called impartiality, will be made to conform to the new broadcasting rules and the director general, as well as others, should face criminal prosecution if it fails to conform.

It is not too early for the BBC to start applying these rules now and thus show real respect to all the victims of the three terrorist attacks in the last three months.

A Still Irritated BBC Viewer


Why I can’t vote Labour

I cannot believe that any sane person would vote for the likes of Corbyn, Abbott and Thornberry to run the country and negotiate Brexit.

They will bankrupt the nation and turn it virtually into a communist totalitarian country and will hammer anyone who has worked hard and got on in life to give to the workshy and the no-hopers.

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Theresa May and the Tories sure aren’t perfect by any means, but without a Tory Government last year, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to vote in a referendum.

Remember that!

Yes, the Tories have shot themselves in the foot with their manifesto targeting the very people most likely to vote for them, pensioners, of whom I am one, and incidentally a lifelong Labour voter.

But in the election, I will, for the first time in my life, vote Conservative, as I have no other choice with the present rabble of a Labour Party I am now asked to vote for.

I urge everyone to refrain from voting for them for the good of the country.

Sadly disillusioned

ex-labour voter


We don’t want ‘nodding dogs’

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As news now spreads much faster than it used to, today’s politicians are often faced with walking on a tightrope in their lives.

Due to social media sites, politicians can interact and score election campaign points on a mass scale.

Equally they can fall on their own swords if a particular word or phrase is edited, misinterpreted or manipulated by the media sharks.

On balance it’s fair to say social media has certainly created a greater level of transparency and accountability in politics.

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In a democratic society we need MPs of all parties who believe in social justice, equality and not just ‘nodding dog’ type characters.

The late Tony Benn was an intelligent, articulate honourable Labour MP.

He was at one time the most feared MP of his era.

Why? Because he was not afraid to stand up, speak out and challenge what was wrong in Government without fear or favour.

Tony Benn dedicated his life to politics and his legacy is well remembered.

In my view, Jeremy Corbyn has those priceless qualities.

Stephen Pierre

via email


Money for HS2 or the NHS?

The Labour Manifesto has been costed at around £48bn.

The promises will change the lives of many for the better.

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Compare this to the £56bn that the Tories wish to spend on a High Speed Train project.

HS2 is a vanity project that is unpopular even with Tory voters.

What would you prefer?

One astronomically expensive fast train or money for police, the NHS, nurses, schools , pensioners and the younger generation.

My sister is a nurse and she has not had a real wage rise since 2010.

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She also sees patients suffer as their operations are cancelled.


via email


R.I.P brave WW2 soldiers

As a Lancastrian who proudly served in the Royal Navy from the 1960s to the early 1970s, let us remember the day (May 27, 1941) the many matelots, on board HMS Hood and the Bismarck, who have no other grave but the sea, on the instructions of Churchill – “sink the Bismarck” – after the sinking of the Hood a day or so earlier.

Also let us not forget the gallant pilots of the RAF who crimpled the steering gear of the Bismarck which enabled the Royal Navy and the RAF bombers to sink the Bismarck.

To quote Robert Laurence Binyon, a distinguished Lancastrian, who I am extremely proud of:

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

“Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning

“We will remember them.”

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R.I.P, you many matelots of whatever nationality, who died during those two or three days. You can be rest assured you have not been forgotten.

“Up Spirits. Stand fast the Holy Ghost.”

Norman Tomllinson



Media coverage helps terrorists

Why is the media aiding terrorism?

This constant coverage showing images of the distress caused is just what their aim is.

How many more recruits to their cause is inspired by these constant images?

During the Second World War, a lot was kept from

the public and with good reason.

I think now is the time to apply that same principle.

Kevin Gooder

Address supplied