Readers' letters - June 2

Influence our own destiny

Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 5:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd June 2016, 6:28 pm
Blind people with guide dogs have the right to access services, jobs and opportunities. See letter

Without doubt, the big question on everybody’s lips these days is will the UK prosper if we remain in the EU or are we more likely to flourish by opting out? Now if I knew the answer I would gladly inform you. Unfortunately, like most perplexed citizens and despite the importance of the eventual outcome, I still haven’t a clue.

The so-called experts from each camp seem determined to swamp us daily with their doomsday scenarios if we fail to do the right thing. However, without the benefit of a crystal ball, the right thing appears to be a matter of pure conjecture.

The one outcome that I am pretty certain will happen is that if we vote to remain a member, it will send a clear signal to the EU that they have us just where they want us, subservient to the political agenda formulated by the main players. What little independence we now have in running our own affairs will be even further diluted. The political screw will be further tightened and we will have no recourse but to grin and bear it permanently.

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However, I believe there is a way that we can influence our own destiny and that is, at this stage, to vote Brexit.

This will set the alarm bells ringing in Brussels as there is no doubt that they do not want to lose us or, more to the point, our monetary contribution.

I believe this outcome would cause such a panic in the EU corridors of power that they would be falling over themselves to grant us the important sanctions that ‘Call me Dave’ should have been seeking earlier in the campaign rather than the watered-down versions that were reluctantly granted and which, even now, could be overturned and certainly will be if we vote to remain.

With the strength of a ‘No’ vote behind us, which of course does not mean an immediate exit, we would then have the option of demanding better terms and, if these were not forthcoming, then the answer would be to quit.

No doubt there will be those that find this alternative unacceptable but nevertheless it is an option that should be considered.

We should never forget that what we joined initially was a common market where trade was the common denominator.

Unfortunately, over the years, this initial trade agreement has metamorphosed into a political agenda that certainly contains more cons than pros for the UK way of life. Having said that, there are certainly benefits to remaining a partner within the EU.

Now if our concerns where to be addressed favourably, then I for one would be happy to remain a member. However, a vote to remain at this juncture would, I believe, guarantee us to be a vassal of the system rather than a meaningful partner. Think very carefully before you cast your vote.

A Brigger Brexiteer

‘People like me’ have rights too

Re: Guide dog owner’s appeal for taxi driver awareness(LEP May 31). It’s disturbing to hear of access refusals to guide dog owners to a range of services. From taxis and minicabs to shops and restaurants, each instance that we hear about is one that should never happen. Why? Well the law is very clear indeed and those refusing us access are not only turning down business, they are challenging equality law which is there for a good and just purpose.

Travelling into work the other day, I was seated on a crowded train. Not an ideal situation, but commuting is a pressured business at times. When I was about to get off the train with my guide dog, someone said to me that “people like you shouldn’t be allowed to travel at times like this”.

People like me? People like me have the right to travel at these times, because we have the right like anybody to access services, jobs and opportunities.

We have the right to be mobile (hence having the wonderful assistance of great guide dogs). Support the #Access all areas campaign because it is important to raise the importance of lifting barriers to choice and our rights.

Ian Beverley, address supplied

It’s time to take back control

I can understand those who are unsure as to the best way to vote on the referendum on June 23.

Everyone states that they want facts, well, the remain campaign gives statements not facts.

They say house prices will fall? That is impossible to confirm, house prices depend on the market of supply and demand.

They say holidays will be more expensive. Wrong. All the budget airlines have just started reducing their prices. They say the economy will suffer – yet we have the strongest economy in Europe. This is simply fear propaganda.

What is fact has just been published by The Office of National Statistics, who advise that net migration last year was 330,000, that’s almost 1.5m since 2010. This is putting a massive strain on services and the NHS.

No one is saying that we should not take in immigrants or refugees, we just want to control the numbers. No one wants to fall out with Europe. We would just like to trade with them and anyone else who we choose to.

We want our sovereignty back to control our own laws and borders without the interference from Brussels.

In 1975, we voted for the common market not a federal Europe, this was forced on us by the Maastricht Treaty. Vote leave on June 23 and take back control.

Cliff Fazackerley, Higher Bartle

Treating planet with disdain

I would like to use this letters page to raise some concerns I have about this planet of ours.

I have come to the conclusion that the main problem is a particular species that sits proudly at the top of the food chain.

As they consume and destroy, they claim to be the custodians of our wonderful world.

But they are treating the planet with utter disdain and without mercy as global habitats are lost at a frightening rate (indeed, the World Wildlife Fund states 10,000 species are becoming extinct each year).

Just some of the animals that are expected to no longer exist in our lifetime include the black rhino, the red wolf, the Siberian tiger, and the Sumatran orangutan.

One can only hope that aliens from outer space will come to the rescue and educate these crazed greed-driven ‘custodians’ before it’s too late.

Harry Francis, Ashton