Readers' letters - June 13

Being DUPed at the general election

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th June 2017, 10:18 am
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 2:39 pm

Recently, we’ve had 52 per cent of the electorate voting to leave the EU, citing immigration, EU bureaucracy and diminished sovereignty as the key issues.

Now, we’ve had 42 per cent of the electorate willing to trust Mrs May with the resulting ‘Brexit’.

That’s despite Mrs May’s former Remain stance, and her abject failure to control non-EU immigration while Home Secretary– something she had absolute sovereignty over.

Questions also have to be asked over the logic of an electorate willing to walk away from a free trade deal with the EU, while desperately wanting a free trade deal with the….. EU?

Of course, many think the Conservatives will be far better at running the country.

That’s despite the national debt growing to £1.7 trillion, up a third since 2010.

And despite harsh ‘austerity’ measures that have caused a huge spike in poverty, foodbank use and homelessness, and has brought both the NHS and social care to the verge of collapse.

Of course, many still believe the Conservatives to be much better at security.

That’s also despite Mrs May cutting 20,000 from the police force and expecting it to have no difference on…security. So, does the electorate really know what it wants?

Before the election, some criticised Corbyn for his views on Trident and for his former links to Sinn Fein.

Yet they are seemingly happy for Mrs May to shack-up with the Democratic Unionist Party, a party with exactly the same connections to terrorism.

Talk about being DUP-ed?

Paul Dodenhoff

via email


Did May want to lose?

Almost the “best” possible result – Tories still in power with fewer members and the Democratic Unionists standing more openly as Government supporters.

How will Irish Nationalists react to the DUP calling the shots in Westminster?

How can they share power in Stormont when the Unionists exert over-riding power in Westminster?

The election victory is one for our first-past-the-post voting system.

The Tories are hoist by their own petard!

Mobilising relatively few younger voters and targeting by a progressive alliance has taken seats from the Tories, and indeed from the Lib Dems.

Labour won’t have to face the embarrassment of having to carry out carefully-costed promises without funds in the financial and economic car-crash that Brexit is likely to prove.

Did Theresa May cleverly engineer the Tory collapse through the dementia tax fiasco and fog around Brexit negotiations, the failed cult of ‘the leader’ and lack of financial information?

It would not be surprising if she had secretly hoped that it would be the “coalition of chaos” that faced the impossible task of negotiating an advantageous Brexit.

John Hall

Address supplied


Marxists could govern us

Theresa May won the election, in terms of seats and popular votes. She failed to win a working majority for the following reasons.

Firstly, a bad campaign team failed to appreciate that her opponent is a street fighter. Corbyn’s life has been one long engagement with protest meetings.

May was, and is, too genteel by comparison.

He was, therefore, allowed to get away with outrageous promises, such as no tuition fees for university students, an action that would have cost a minimum of £11bn.

Secondly, Labour used the social media to dupe the under 30s. They know little about Corbyn’s support of terrorist organisations, and care even less.

His stance on Trident, and his antipathy towards our armed services is of no consequence to an age group reared on Twitter, Xbox games and intent on causing political mischief.

The under 20s are rebels like Corbyn.

It has always been so.

Thirdly, Tory social care proposals were deliberately distorted by Labour and these were allowed to be repeated without proper rebuttal.

Many people do not need the winter fuel allowance.

Fourthly, Labour is dead. It has been taken over by a Marxist/ Trotskyist clique, manipulated by Momentum and others.

The Democratic Labour Party and the giants of the past that headed it are gone.

They have been replaced by an inexperienced, irresponsible and incompetent group of politicians who care little for this nation.

Before the next election, young voters, in particular, need to read about the miseries, the sheer incompetence and the stultifying regimes that Marxist/ Trotskyists, who governed Russia, Cuba, and much of Eastern Europe, inflicted on people.

Such regimes still rule in North Korea and places like Venezuela. Wake up before we have one here.

Dr Barry Clayton

Address supplied


My vote was for Corbyn

Mark Hendrick should not delude himself that his increased majority in the election was down to his previous performance as an MP.

I voted for him because he was on the Labour ticket.

The policies of Jeremy Corbyn was my prime reason for voting Labour.

Mark has consistently sat on the fence, instead of supporting his leader. Now is the time for him and other Labour MPs to demonstrate faith in his leadership, previously lacking in them.

He deserves it for the next election, which may arise sooner than people think.

Denis Lee



Ne’er cast

a clout ....

Before being humiliatingly denied her cherished hard EU exit mandate, Theresa May said that Jeremy Corbyn would find himself “alone and naked in the negotiating chamber”.

Ne’er cast a clout till May is out?

J Robin Hughes

via email


Thank you for re-electing me

I am writing to thank the residents of Chorley for re-electing me as their MP.

I am proud that once again the people of Chorley have given me the opportunity to represent them.

It is a privilege to be elected and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Many thanks once again.

Lindsay Hoyle

Member of Parliament for Chorley