Readers' letters - June 13

A correspondent is not happy with changes at Portway Park and Ride. See letterA correspondent is not happy with changes at Portway Park and Ride. See letter
A correspondent is not happy with changes at Portway Park and Ride. See letter
Councillors cost money

I find it hard to credit that in a city which boasts the worst traffic jams in the north, the Park and Ride service from the Docks – which was going to be axed – is now going to be incorporated with a “non-dedicated” service.

I, like many others, would not dream of driving into the centre.

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I just hope that there will be sufficient capacity on this new service.

Put this hair-brained scheme, together with the removal of dog waste bins, mowing grass verges which present no danger to motorists, closing recycling centres and charging people for using the ones that are still in operation, and we have badly thought-out attempts to recover money that has been squandered in the past.

I cannot decide which council, Preston or Lancashire County, is the most repre-hensible when it comes to wasting money.

How many pie in the sky plans for the city centre have been drawn up, only to be scrapped.

What did they all cost?

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Speed signs on every road, alley, cul-de-sac and garden path, most of which are ignored.

I could go on but it is so boring!

One way of saving money would be to cut the number of councillors – city and county.

They are not all necessary and they cost money.

V E Andrews, St Annes on Sea

Era of ‘Great’ Britain a myth

On the subject of the EU referendum, it seems to me that too many people, and it would seem some politicians, are in cloud cuckoo land – that is if the politicians are not using the idea as a vehicle for their own particular gain.

The era they refer to when Great Britain was reputedly great is nothing short of a myth.

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I refer to the era prior to the Second World War. Working class people lived in dire poverty in slums.

Many wars were fought and it was the poorest people who found employment in the armed services, and fought and died in their thousands for the comparatively few who made millions.

I am no left winger but I feel the myth needs to be mentioned.

What we have today has largely been fought for by people from the working class and the lower middle class who fought with some tenacity in order to gain some equality in the distribution of wealth.

Keith D Swift


Benefits deal not as it seems

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Regarding the letter from Ken Hind, ex-Conservative MP, he states that Mr Cameron has secured a deal with Europe that stops EU migrants from receiving benefits for four years (LEP June 9).

Mr Cameron’s statements have all stated that they won’t receive FULL benefits for four years and he has not answered questions on how much they will receive in years one, two, three and four until they receive full benefits.

That is if the EU allows us to implement this. Another con from the PM.

Mr Crompton via email

Don’t overlook proud history

On June 23, please do not allow your country, with over 1,000 years of proud history, to be swept into some corrupt insignificant union, and then be insulted by having to pay £55m per day for the privilege. Vote Out.

P Ward, Leyland

What will Leave mean for lights?

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If the Vote Leave EU is successful, can we please have our traffic lights back on Fishergate?

Frank Maher via e-mail

Only choice is

to vote leave

Many of us are getting very sick of hearing about the whole EU referendum debate, but it is too important a subject to ignore.

Would we be better or worse off if we left?

Well, it all depends on who one listens to and there are former chancellors on both sides of the debate.

Personally, I prefer to stick to known facts.

Firstly, upon leaving, we would no longer be contributing to the EU fund. Our own elected Government could spend the money where it liked.

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Secondly, there are no less than seven countries set to join the EU by 2018, or eight if one includes Turkey. All are on the other side of Europe and very poor by our standards.

Freedom of movement is a basic tenet of the EU, whatever our Government might think.

Some, no doubt, will be over here and fully prepared to work for peanuts, thus driving down the wages and working conditions of the British workforce.

This is already happening in some sectors.

Even the Government, it now seems, doesn’t know how many EU migrants there are.

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To sum up, there is only one choice as I see it, which is to leave.

James Hewitt, Preston

A priceless gift for Her Majesty

Great Britain is no longer a free country. Over half of our laws are made by the European Commission and we have little say over who comes to our shores.

If we were to vote to leave the EU on June 23, we would again be a free and sovereign nation. We will be able to choose who makes their laws, and after the five-year term, we can vote them out.

What a perfect birthday gift this would be for our Queen. It would mean her people are free to govern themselves from Westminster. This indeed would be a priceless gift.

Tom Roberts, address supplied

Keep our stock exchange British

Help keep the London Stock Exchange out of foreign hands.

Sign the petition, Refer the takeover of the London stock exchange to the CMA. Visit


F E Sharpe, Plymouth