Readers' letters - June 10

A Bullingdon conspiracy?
Boris Johnson brings his Brexit battle bus to the Flag Market in Preston. See letterBoris Johnson brings his Brexit battle bus to the Flag Market in Preston. See letter
Boris Johnson brings his Brexit battle bus to the Flag Market in Preston. See letter

I disagree with the context of the article written by Barry Freeman about the “danger” posed by Boris Johnson (LEP June 6).

Mr Freeman is conflating two issues. The referendum is about our membership of the EU – a long-term (probably irreversible) decision that will affect everyone in the UK. The leadership aspirations of a particular MP are, comparatively, a short-term consideration.

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The referendum is about the future of our country, not about any political party or politician.

I do not recall Boris “spouting racist views” but you do not have to go back to Enoch Powell to find MPs that have expressed questionable views.

Most recently, Cameron was accused of racism with regard to comments about Sadiq Khan, and Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone were suspended regarding “anti-Semitic” remarks.

As regards Enoch Powell’s famous “Rivers of Blood” speech, I wonder how many current voters have actually read it?

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Parts of it, by modern standards, would be considered incendiary but his projections of immigration figures were wildly underestimated.

If you REALLY want a “conspiracy” theory, is it beyond belief that the Bullingdon boys concocted a plan to put Boris into No 10 and Cameron into the EU?

Cameron initially expected to win the EU Referendum and had already planned to leave Downing Street before the next general election. After a Remain victory, this would allow Boris to claim he represented the views of the “outers” during the campaign.

This would provide him with the credibility to mollify disappointed “Brexiteers” whilst also allowing him to cosy up to the “Remainians” to unite them in the interests of the nation (and a Conservative party led by Boris!).

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Dave would then be in a position to present himself to the EU as a champion of the EU cause and line up a lucrative job in Europe.

With Dave in Europe and his Bullingdon buddy ensconced in No 10 it would be more “jobs for the boys”!

Remember: Dave only offered a Referendum in the 2015 manifesto to neutralise UKIP. He did not expect to have to honour the commitment as he expected to be in another coalition.

You now have your chance to regain control of your country.

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Unless, that is, you think 27 other countries (over which you have NO control) can better represent the interests of our nation.

Yes, Barry, the danger is “real and close”, but not in the way you describe...

MM via email

Improve bus service first

Having read recently about the changes to Preston Bus Station and having seen an artist’s impression of the new-look station and surrounding area, no doubt the phrase “seeing is believing” comes to mind (LEP May 18).

Before these plans are put into practice and money wasted, it would be a better idea if the recent new timetables and bus routes were amended.

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Holme Slack service number 14 bus is one of those areas affected, as buses no longer run on Sundays. Buses to other areas on Bank Holidays operate at a reduced service, it’s called Sunday Service. As Bank Holidays are on Mondays, this leaves the area with no transport for two days.

Preston Bus is supposed to be a public transport service, but they are not serving the public with these new timetables.

The last bus leaves the bus station at 7.32pm during the week. On Saturday, the time of the last bus is 7.22pm.

It’s obvious whoever made these new changes is not thinking of the regular bus users.

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A Sunday service is needed more. People want to visit Deepdale Retail Park and not everyone has a car.

Name and address supplied

Will Remain MPs wake up?

Our MPs live quite a profitable life with incomes and expenses.

I wonder if those who want to Remain have looked into the future and realised what is going to happen.

Our Parliament has already lost its power in varying categories. This will not get any better, whatever Cameron claims we can veto. What he says is not true. It took 10 years to deport that cleric because Brussels over-ran all our efforts.

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As the European Parliament will, without doubt, grow stronger with Merkel, there will be less need for our Parliament. Result ? We will need fewer MPs in Westminster and the good old gravy train will eventually come to a halt. Will you MPs wake up?

Dan’s abode in Clayton le Woods

Let’s focus on the economy

The current farce, sorry, Referendum campaign, now has a clear shape. According to the latest surveys, the Leave side has a lead on issues such as immigration, sovereignty and health, while the Remain camp has a lead on the economy plus key issues like jobs.

Because problems associated with migrants are considerably easier to discern than economic ones, it would be disastrous if the outcome was determined by them, for the future of the country depends on a healthy economy. Sadly, knowledge of economic issues is sparse.

Equally disastrous would be a low turnout on June 23. Anything less than 60 per cent would make a mockery of our democratic system.

Dr Barry Clayton via email

The ugly face of capitalism

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Eleven thousand workers lose their livelihood as retailer BHS goes under.

How did it happen? Even Tory MP Richard Fuller called the management conduct “the unacceptable face of capitalism”.

Bought by Philip Green in 2000 for some £200m, the press called him a canny operator. After purchase, the shareholders relieved BHS of some £586m in dividends and rent paid to themselves.

The whole point is that no one has done anything illegal. The owners of companies can devour assets of firms to their hearts’ content at the expense of the staff and other individuals. That is the nature of capitalism and that’s why we have to get rid of it.

Royston Jones, address supplied