Readers' letters - June 1

Drivers' bad habits could lead to danger

Give me strength.

I’m used to living in Preston and coping with other people’s bad habits whilst driving.

However, after the same incident happening in two consecutive days , I feel it’s only a matter of time before someone causes a serious accident through insufficient knowledge of the basics of the Highway Code.

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Turning right at a roundabout on two separate occasions, two elderly ladies pulled out straight in front of me.

Both gave me a look as if I was in the wrong.

The second one, sounding her horn, incurred my wrath and I was amazed at the response that, as she wasn’t going round the roundabout, she had done nothing wrong.

Unbelievable, you just couldn’t make it up.

It’s no wonder there are so many accidents with clueless idiots such as these at the wheel.

The number of drivers not observing red traffic lights makes my blood boil.

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It leads me to think that, rather than concentrate on drivers who speed, the police would be far better employed looking into 
the horrendous bad 
habits of these drivers.




Fifty years of legal slaughter

Most of us are not aware that there is a slaughter taking place quite legally in our country where 4,000 babies are killed by abortion every week.

This is equivalent to 20 passenger jets crashing weekly and, if this did in fact happen, just think of the public outcry that would be generated throughout our land that such events were occurring.

This year our country is remembering the 50th anniversary of the Act

of Parliament when abortion was legalised in 1967.

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Since then 8.7 million babies have been systematically killed in our hospitals, mainly due to the huge increase of the commercial abortion industry, which has subsequently flourished and makes money from killing babies.

Not only are babies are being deprived of life but their potential mothers are also frequently mentally traumatised by this abortion event, which can affect the remainder of their lives.

Are doctors mis-certifying women for abortions?

Are medical professionals able to exercise conscientious objection to performing abortions?

How many of our young people are being actively targeted by the abortion industry through education in our schools ?

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Those of us living in the North West of England should be aware that SPUC (the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) is holding a public meeting on Monday, June 26, from 7pm to 9pm at St Wilfred’s Church Hall , Chapel Street, Preston (PR1 8BU) to discuss this pro-life message and the above questions.

SPUC will be armed with more facts and figures and suggested activities to show what you can do to help stop abortion in the UK.





Underfunding led to IT chaos

All IT systems were out of action at my GP’s surgery on Saturday, May 13, due to the cyber attack, but they carried on, scribbling notes on paper.

Transferring them to their computer systems will be another chore to add to their workload when they are up and running again.

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In the meantime, our Tory Government has the chutzpah to say it’s not their fault, because it affected other countries around the world.

Unlike the global recession of 2008, which the Tories unfairly pinned on the last Labour Government – even though it was caused by subprime lending in the USA – this failure can be laid squarely at the feet of this Government’s underfunding of the NHS.

They chose to cancel an extended support contract with Microsoft for obsolete software, even though they were warned of the potential security risk, and didn’t provide the funding to replace the systems running Windows XP. If you value your NHS, and demand strong and stable security for your medical records, think carefully about whom to vote for next week.

Keith MacDonald



Long grass is good for wildlife

Three cheers for whoever decided not to mow the grass verge along the river bank on the Boulevard.

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There is now a magnificent display of knee-high dog daisies, buttercups and purple knapweed. There used to be blue geranium and pink campion too so here’s hoping!

The more front gardens we lose to necessary car parking, the more we need wildflowers for the bees and other pollinators essential for growing food. Thank you, whoever you are.

Joan Higginson


local politics

I’m delighted to represent you

I write to thank all who voted for me in the recent LCC election. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to represent the residents of Longridge with Bowland for another term, especially as a member of the controlling Conservative group.

My ambition remains to always be available, support the hard-working members of the parish councils, and promote the interests of the hitherto neglected rural communities.

Thank you also to the many people who gave

me invaluable help in the

run-up to the election.

County Coun David Smith

Longridge with Bowland


Prayer a vital part of my life

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I am thankful that my mother taught me to pray at an early age (Why people turn to prayer in darkest days, LP May 27).

For 50 years now, prayer has been a vital part of my life. God is always there and ready to listen.

Not just that, I have had many answers over the years.

Anne Vojtko

via email