Readers' letters - July 7

Remain supporters take part in the March for Europe rally but a reader says they should now accept the resultRemain supporters take part in the March for Europe rally but a reader says they should now accept the result
Remain supporters take part in the March for Europe rally but a reader says they should now accept the result
Accept democratic result

Do the Remain voters not understand what democracy means (LEP Letters July 5)?

The Referendum was a democratic vote by the people of Great Britain. Isn’t it about time you Remain voters stopped whinging and accepted that you lost a very fair way of voting?

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We Leave voters knew perfectly well what WE were voting for – our country, our democracy and to be free of the bureaucracy and red tape of the EU and its leaders, who were never democratically elected to be where they are.

We are not racists where immigration is concerned, but surely anyone with half a brain can see you can’t put a gallon into a pint pot!

Maybe you don’t know imperial measures either!

Our schools, NHS and GP surgeries are just not coping with the extra people crowding into our country.

So, as I said, stop whinging and start joining together with the majority voters and let’s make this country great again, which it can be and was until the EU got its hands on it.

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Remember the Second World War, we just got on with it, whatever was thrown at us.

I was on holiday in Florida the day 9/11 happened and the Americans panicked.

The lady in the shop in the hotel where we were staying said to me, “why can’t we be like you Brits? You just pick yourselves up and get on with it.

“We are running round like headless chickens.”

Yes, indeed that’s what we Brits do, no matter what.

Where’s your backbone?

As for Scotland, it is not a separate country and their vote would be counted in with ours surely.

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That is democracy and they should accept the Leave vote with grace.

If we had lost to the Remain, they would have said “tough, get on with it.”

Jacqueline Jordan, Lytham

Let’s keep UK in the Union

My generation (the political children of Harold Wilson and Ted Heath) owe it to the young to try and keep Britain in the EU.

We have gained most from membership and enjoyed the pleasures of a multi-cultural society.

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We grew up with immigrants from the Commonwealth. Racial and religious tolerance abounds in us.

For most of us, most of the time the world has been a good place to live.

The latest consultative referendum was exactly that, consultative.

Our lifetime has seen Harold Macmillan (Conservative) apply for EU membership. Harold Wilson (Labour) did the same. Both were to be turned down by French President de Gaulle.

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Ted Heath (Conservative) took us in with the 1972 EC Act passed in the House of Commons. Harold Wilson (Labour) had a referendum in 1975. There has been to-ing and fro-ing ever since.

If it takes an alliance of a revived Liberal Democrat Party and a Labour Party, not led by Mr Corbyn, to keep us in the EU, then so be it. My generation owes it to the young to at least try to get Britain back to an open, tolerant and forward-looking society.

Graham Nelson, Preston

Ageism and the EU referendum

How dare ‘Safehouses’ have the audacity to suggest that the over 65s (due to imminent demise) should not have been able to vote in the EU referendum (LEP, July 2). Whatever happened to democracy?

And as for ‘Frenchwoody’, the reason I voted Brexit was for a much better United Kingdom for my grandchildren and their children to inherit and work and thrive in as I have done all my life.

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Under 18s were not “deliberately prevented from voting”. Eighteen has always been the age to vote as far as I can recollect!

Infuriated 77 year old

No ‘Love’ for commentators

Here we are again in the middle of Wimbledon tennis season.

A joy to behold, especially with new British players taking part and, of course, Andy.

But will the organisers please stop inviting these two American previous winners to commentate. They must have more breathing holes in their bodies than we have because they don’t stop talking. They emit verbal diarrhoea all the time. Please return McEnroe and Austin to the care of Barack Obama. Peace will be restored.

Dan’s abode, Clayton-le-Woods

Top Gear magic can’t be copied

Top Gear flop shock, Chris ‘square peg round hole’ Evans quits show.

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Solution: Be brave, be heroes, eat humble pie, mend bridges and get the people who really knew what they were doing back.

No one, not even the BBC, can replicate the magic of a one-off phenomenon.

Joe Dawson, Withnell, Chorley

Petition to keep voting age at 18

Readers, please support a petition to the Government to keep the voting age at 18 for elections in the UK.

Go to the website, www., enter the section, Recent Petitions Started July 3, and sign the one entitled Voting Age.

F.E. Sharpe,


You don’t need Machiavelli

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The attempted coup by the P.L.P. on Jeremy Corbyn should have sought advice from the Tory Party.

They are past masters in the black art of political assassination, ask Boris Johnson.

Denis Lee,


We must find way forward

There is a joke: A lost tourist asks for directions: “Oh, I wouldn’t set off from here...”

Well, we are here, and must find a way to fulfil the people’s wishes and to do what’s best for the country too.

Audrey Booth, address supplied