Readers' letters - July 5

This isn't just about PNE training facility

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 6th July 2017, 5:59 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:34 am

Re: Ingol Golf Village Development. I wonder how many of the football fans who have signed a petition live in the area of the proposed training ground and housing estate?

Do they even live anywhere in Preston?

Many fans live in areas such as Leyland, Chorley, Lostock etc.

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Why should they try 
to sway a decision which 
will affect the quality of 
life for people living in the areas around this green space?

PNE managed to get into the first division in the past with good players without a new training ground and I wish them good luck in the future.

The fans should be aware that this development is not just about a training ground, but the loss of another green space to a large housing development.

The areas near this space are already having housing built on them – from Cottam to Broughton – and there are many houses for sale 
in established areas of Preston. There does not seem to be a housing shortage here.

Due to all the new builds, green spaces are becoming a scarcity and cannot be replaced once development takes place.

Fulwood resident

B E Lovatt 


Thank you for your support

I would like to thank the people of the Ribble Valley for their support in the recent General Election.

I would also like to thank my fellow candidates for the way in which they fought this campaign.

My thanks also go to the thousands of people I met during the campaign who were mostly courteous in their conversations with me, despite indicating that they might not vote for me this time or indeed voting for me for the first time.

I have been serving the constituency for 25 years this year, and this was the largest single vote recorded for me, or indeed any other occupant of the post, since the constituency was created in 1983. I am humbled by such support.

I pledge myself to the people of this wonderful part of the world for the duration of this Parliament, irrespective of how they did or did not vote.

I have monitored elections in other parts of the world over 25 years and I appreciate the value of our democratic system.

I look forward to welcoming constituents to the Commons on tours and during lobbying sessions, and meeting constituents during surgeries or just walking about the area, and indeed over a quiet pint in some of the most amazing hostelries the UK has to offer.

Should anyone wish to contact me, please e mail [email protected] or telephone 01200 425939 or 0207 219 6939.

However long this Parliament lasts, I offer you my service.

Nigel Evans MP

Ribble Valley


Kegsey’s days of football

Today’s Looking Back shows famous Preston Amateur Footballer Johnny (KEGSEY) Kerrigan. John attended St Bede’s (Gamull, Preston) in the early 1950s. (It is now St Maria Goretti’s School).

The photo shows cheeky chappie John, with that trademark twinkle in his eye, on the right of the front row.

John, during the 1960s, 70s and 80s, became one of Preston amateur football’s most ‘lovable rogues!’

‘Kegsey’ was a classic centre forward, rather sniffer-like, just as Allan Clarke (Leeds Utd).

John scored dozens (hundreds?) of goals, ALL of them from two yards out!

When hanging up his playing boots, John was a natural to become a referee and took to the task with his unique customary chirpy, ‘Artful Dodger’ Style.

All the players (well, most of them), loved it when Kegsey turned up to referee.

No yellow or red cards (John didn’t possess them), just a quiet word which kept the lid on most players...(except Malcolm Cropper perhaps!)

John went on to referee many cup finals with his usual aplomb, entertaining the crowds, as he had done as a player.

P.s John’s party-piece, when playing, was to take the kick-off in both halves of the match! Cool, or what, eh? Kegsey is still around (at 70) and ‘talking’ a good game still...

Wilf Riley

via email


Keep an eye on applications

According to its website, Wyre Borough has now

suspended its practice of sending out paper information regarding pending planning applications, presumably to save paper and postage.

Unfortunately, however, it can mean that planning applications can slip

under the radar and fail to gather the objections that would normally accrue to them.

Therefore, may I suggest that when a new yellow notice appears on a street post, it is read carefully to see the proposal, note is taken of the application number which can then be checked out on a computer to see if the proposal is acceptable and, if not, objected to.

Margaret Mansfield



Great fun

with bikers

I attended the evening organised by the bikers at The Duke of Rothesay in Heysham.

It was a great event attended by the bikers and locals before the boat sailed for the Isle of Man and the TT Races.

Of course, no evening would be complete without my favourite group Golly’s Rock-Ola and singer Andy Fox who had me joining in with popular songs.

I can’t wait for the next event at the Platform.

Mrs Sandbach

Heysham resident


Grenfell tower block scandal

The Grenfell tower block fire is a scandal. A home must contain fire-resistant sofas, chairs, mattresses and loft insulation but can be wrapped in a highly flammable material! Where did the safety assessment go wrong?

Will those accountable ever be found?

Dr Charles Baylis

Newton with Scales