Readers' letters - July 13

Listening to wrong people

Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 9:29 am
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 11:32 am
Labour MP Angela Eagle with Jeremy Corbyn, who she has challenged for leadership of the Labour Party

In his letter, Mr Reynolds suggests Jeremy Corbyn should resign because, in his 10 months as Labour leader, “he has failed to engage with people” about “issues our natural voters believe in” (LEP Letters July 8).

He offers no evidence for this assertion and ignores the overwhelming victory Corbyn had over his three opponents less than one year ago.

No doubt Mr Reynolds will support Angela Eagle as candidate against Jeremy.

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About a fortnight ago, the members of Ms Eagle’s Constituency Party met to pass a unanimous resolution asking Angela NOT to vote for the PLP Motion of No Confidence in Mr Corbyn.

Angela’s response to this was to declare herself opposition candidate to Jeremy.

Was this an example of Ms Eagle “engaging” with “issues our natural voters believe in” ? Or is she engaging with the wrong kind of people – the ‘Blairites’?

Labour’s problems today are Blair’s legacy. The Labour Party – called ‘New Labour’ under Blair – lost four million votes (polling two million less than under Neil Kinnock) and over half its membership as a result of weak home policies, as well as disastrous policies abroad, especially the invasion of Iraq.

On this occasion (as on many others), Jeremy Corbyn engaged with the right people about “issues our natural voters believe in” and voted AGAINST the Iraq war. Ms Eagle engaged with the wrong people yet again, and voted to agree to a war that that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and left Iraq in civil war and chaos.

Ron Atkins, Preston

and fast cars

I am an avid reader of the LEP. I read a comment from PNEPete regarding the crossing point at Redsands roundabout in Fulwood (LEP Webwords, July 9).

Well, I would like to reinforce this comment.

I was walking with my two grandchildren across this point and the three of us were nearly killed by a car. I had to drag them very quickly across.

The cars come around the roundabout like a racetrack, and the visibility is impossible due to the long grass.

This needs urgent attention!

What’s going on with the council?

There are no grass on verges or roundabouts cut, the roads are appalling with potholes, and road markings are not being re-painted.

I am appalled at the council. They have a lot to answer for.

Richard Willcocks, Preston

Corrie should be for all the family

I have watched Coronation Street since I was a young boy. However, I found last Friday’s (July 8) programme very disturbing.

I have gay friends but I don’t want to watch a long heavy kissing scene in my living room – whether it’s between gay men or women or between a man and woman.

I am referring to the scene with Todd and Billy the Vicar.

There is no need for it on a family soap before the watershed.

If it continues, I won’t be watching anymore.

Stan Bowden via email

Big thank you
to tidy pupils

May I say a heartfelt thank you to Coun Margaret Pattison, Rev Linda Macluskie and the teachers and pupils from Heysham High School. They spent the afternoon of Wednesday, June 22, clearing the weeds and other debris from the footpath on St John’s Grove and the path on Fairfield Road between St John’s Grove and St John’s Road. The pupils, in particular, are to be congratulated on their hard work and their excellent behaviour.

Fred Cullerne, Morecambe

Don’t overturn democracy

In reply to Graham Nelson’s letter (LEP July 7), in which he thinks the Government should disregard the result of the referendum and therefore not activate Article 50. He says it is only a ‘consultative’ referendum! What planet do you live on Mr Nelson? To quote David Cameron in his build-up to the referendum, “it’s binding and there is no turning back with a second referendum”.

You see, Mr Nelson, it’s called democracy. It is what thousands of brave men and women gave their lives for in two world wars – for our sovereignty and for us to be able to rule ourselves.

Even if only one vote had swung the decision either way, it should still stand.

As it is, over a million British citizens voted out – the majority!

Get used to it or join the protesting anti-democracy rabble of the Remain lot and fight for a revolution. Even Jeremy Corbyn had the good grace to accept the decision.

Also, about us enjoying the ‘pleasures’ of a multi-cultural society, speaking of democracy, when did the Labour Party – who brought it in through uncontrolled immigration – ask the country to vote whether or not they wanted a multi-cultural society?

You may think I voted Out, well, no, I didn’t. I opted to Remain. But, unlike yourself and many others who voted Remain and are spitting your dummies out like spoilt children, although I am bitterly disappointed with the result, I accept it and will get on with the rest of my life.

If the Government or any other group of politicians block or try to overturn the will of the British people and they are successful, then democracy is dead!

Realistic Democratic Remainer, Chorley

No mention of David Kelly

Just a point about the Iraq War inquiry. One person pontificating how Blair could not be blamed, did not mention anything at all about David Kelly. That poor man had the character assassination squad out for him, he was the only one who was right about what was actually in Iraq and brave enough to say so. He did not commit suicide, Norman Baker MP knew that and said so out loud.

The person pontificating said the world was a better place without Saddam Hussein. It would be a better world without the Blair clan.

Carol Woods via email