Readers' letters - July 12

Books are a joy to behold
Protesters campaign to keep Adlington Library  open. See letterProtesters campaign to keep Adlington Library  open. See letter
Protesters campaign to keep Adlington Library open. See letter

Can someone please explain to the people of Adlington who came up with the crazy idea of closing Adlington Library?

Adlington isn’t a small village, there must be at least 8,000 people living in Adlington.

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We have four primary and four junior schools and the schoolchildren use the library.

We also have six computers in the library for the use of the people who use the venue.

We have been told cutting costs from the county council is needed.

There is a simple solution – cut the cost of County Hall.

It would be interesting to know the cost of County Hall staff.

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We pay council tax in Adlington and yet we don’t seem to get anything in return.

Oh, sorry, we do get our bins emptied.

Our library is a new building and it is used regularly.

If our library was to close, the nearest library would be in Chorley – a seven-mile round trip.

We are talking a £5 round trip on the bus.

It’s beyond a joke.

Also what is Chorley Council doing about it?

We need to keep our library open for the public.

Books are a joy to behold.

E Sumner,


It’s Carry On Parliament

I would just like to express my disgust with several MPs in the Labour party who have conspired against their ‘democratically’ elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

I see Angela Eagle is now making her own challenge to be the new leader of Labour – she hopes to topple Jeremy Corbyn.

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I’d like to wish Jeremy Corbyn good luck and I hope he sends his rival packing.

But in one newspaper it showed Angela Eagle surrounded by at least 15 women. I just wonder if this is a “make-believe” new Labour cabinet of the future?

Nothing surprises me now in UK politics.

Especially where ‘gender’ and ‘equality’ are concerned.

The UK is in turmoil and everyone in politics is back-stabbing each other.

I’d like to know just who is running the country – and who’s actually doing their parliamentary jobs?

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And it looks like there will be a general election in the near future.

May battle commence.

I see there are plans to remake several Carry On films.

How about Carry On Parliament, given the current political situation?

But, where are the comedy scriptwriters?

They’re almost all dead!

And bearing in mind that ‘political correctness’ now rules our everyday lives and dictates to us all what we all ‘can’ and ‘cannot’ say – the script would never get past the PC brigade!

Personally, speaking, I’d seriously love to pen a script!

Oh, for the joys of UK politics!

Darryl Ashton,


Make our world more friendly

There have been reports of foreign nationals becoming targets of racial abuse. Students from abroad make an important contribution. Hopefully, when they return home, they will take with them a favourable impression and an inclination to do business with the UK. We’d like to draw attention to the HOST UK organisation in which volunteers invite adult international students at UK universities to spend a day or weekend in their homes. It’s a wonderful way to learn about different cultures, but also for students to experience a receive a positive taste of British culture. Visit, or call 020 7739 6292. We can all do our part to make this country, and the world, a little friendlier.

Mike and Kathryn Grannell, Leyland

Capitalise on our potential

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The overwhelming doom on the BBC news website following the democratic decision to leave the EU is disgraceful, not a positive headline in sight.

The ‘leave’ decision is symbolic of change that’s taking place all over the world, change that really – desperately – needs to take place because as a planet we are sinking fast under the ‘business as usual’ system.

The balance of power is shifting towards ordinary people who are tired of out of touch, hypocritical and arrogant politicians telling us what’s best for us.

We have the opportunity now to build on these changes by tackling all that’s wrong, starting right here in our own great district’s towns, villages and city, but councillors here need to be open to it, embrace it fully and start working with the local people far more effectively, or retire.

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There are those who watch what happens, those who wonder what’s happening and those who make things happen.

We now have a democratic mandate, especially in Lancashire, to seize the opportunity to make this district outstanding and really capitalise on the awesome potential we have.

Ian Hughes, Morecambe

Celebrating togetherness

What a sporting Sunday we have just had!

Well done to Andy Murray on securing his second Wimbledon title and to underdogs Portugal for winning the European Championship.

I am delighted that representatives of Scotland and Portugal are doing well in the sporting world.

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This is because I consider myself to be a European ahead of being English, despite the sad result of the Brexit vote.

Maybe the next referendum on Europe, whenever that may be, will have a different outcome, one of celebrating togetherness rather than “us and them”.

Harry Francis, Ashton