Readers' letters - January 9

Station needs better disability access

Friday, 12th January 2018, 1:52 pm
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 2:55 pm
Does Preston Train Station need better disability access?

Re: Preston Station improvements. Disabled access to Preston Station from the car park involves going past the bike hub, past the old entrance, into the new entrance, along an incline to the top of the subway, up another slope to where everyone is queuing to get tickets, then back down to the platform to the lift.It seems to me there are several possible options for improvement.1. There is still room to open the old entrance from the south end of what was platform 9, just a short walk to the lift.2. A bridge across the south end (car park end) of the slope to the subway.3. Access to the end of the platform directly from the car park. This could be undercover all the way, and would greatly improve access from the car park to the station for all users.4. Of course if they reclaimed the space now used by the bike shop, a very attractive, dry and easy access could be created. There would probably be room for an enquiry office and ticket office as well, saving the need to go all the way up to the other end of the station.Gordon Jacksonvia email

crimeTories slashed police fundingTo Disgusted Citizen of Chorley (LP letters January 8), the clocks in your house appear to have stopped at some point coming up to eight long years ago. Blame the last Labour government all you like for motoring offenders not being locked up but if this was in any way a priority for the Conservatives, they have had a long time now to put it right. Maybe, just maybe, the real villains of the piece are the Tories who have slashed funding to police forces and the penal system over the past eight years to the extent there are barely any road officers left to arrest these criminals of the road and barely any prison cells to throw them in.Michael RobertsFulwoodtransportAn interchange to be proud of After the missed opportunity of creating a proper transport hub by moving the bus station to the railway – the alternative would be a little tricky – let’s not miss this opportunity of constructing a hub for non-local buses/coaches on the railway station site. The existing bus station can be left for local/urban services. We could have an interchange the city would be proud of, retaining the best of the original railway station, along with the best modern design for the new transport hub.AFLeyland

transportBest of the old, best of the new Preston Station is a grand historic entrance to Preston, as stated by Network Rail. With improvements to catering and perhaps replacement of the main access footbridge to ease movement of passengers, it could rival similar stations in other great cities. The work at St Pancras in London (pictured) illustrates what can be achieved by combining the old with the best of the new.John Parkervia email

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sportFans were well manneredWell done Chorley football fans! On Saturday, January 6, I met with some old friends at Victory Park for the Chorley versus Harrogate match. Just before kick-off, it was commented that there was to be female referee in charge. Although some of the Chorley fans may not have agreed with all of the decisions made by the referee (Rebecca Welch), I did not hear any gender-related, sexist, disparaging comments made towards Ms Welch. Indeed, well done Chorley fans!Mark ReynoldsLancaster

USAAmericans are friends of oursMay I remind those who denigrate Mr Trump, the American President, and oppose his visit to Britain, that the Americans are our best friends. The Americans helped us valiantly to win the Second World War. Many brave Americans sacrificed their lives for our sake. The Americans have always been our loyal friends in peacetime too. Mr Trump, as President of the United States of America, represents all these people. We may not agree with much he says and does, but we should welcome our American friends in the best way we can.Julie Dixon Clayton-le-Woods