Readers' letters - January 22

Corbyn '˜a danger to Labour'

By The Newsroom
Friday, 22nd January 2016, 3:39 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd January 2016, 4:44 pm
A reader disagrees with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  about Trident. See letterA reader disagrees with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn  about Trident. See letter
A reader disagrees with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about Trident. See letterA reader disagrees with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn about Trident. See letter

I have always voted Labour, you could call me a staunch supporter, but what this excuse of a leader, and I use the term loosely, is suggesting is ridiculous beyond words.

First of all, Jeremy Corbyn suggests that we can still build our Trident nuclear submarines, but without having nuclear warheads in them. It’s like saying that our Armed Forces can have guns, but, without bullets. Lunacy of the highest order.

He may be right saying at the moment there is no nuclear threat from Russia, but what about other unstable rogue countries who have them? Pakistan and North Korea come to mind. We would be cap in hand to our American friends to defend us if the unthinkable were to happen.

Another gem from Mr Corbyn is that he says we should have dialogue and negotiate with Argentina over the Falklands.

What about the families of our brave forces who were killed and maimed for fighting for the islands to remain British and the fact that the Falklanders themselves wish to remain British? Has he no concern for these people?

Lastly, he says we should talk to ISIS!

Well, Jeremy, I hope you are the one brave enough and willing enough to go to their stronghold in Syria and put your life at risk trying to talk reason, compassion, and sense into these murderous butchers.

No doubt you will be able to assure them that if they stop murdering us and become nice little boys and girls, you can assure them that when, if, you ever become Prime Minister of this Country, you will ensure that Islam, and its culture and practices, will be made mandatory throughout the land, and take precedence over everything.

In short, Mr Corbyn, you are the executioner of the Labour Party and you will condemn the country to decades of Tory rule.

Disgusted ex-Labour Voter, Penwortham

Dealing with rural crime

I want to reassure people that dealing with crime in our rural areas is important to me and the Conservatives. Whilst crime levels are low, the effect of livestock and equipment being stolen is devastating for farmers and workers in the agricultural industries.

Our countryside is nationally acknowledged as some of the most beautiful, with a large diversity of wildlife. There are criminals who would try to destroy the wildlife through poaching and the illegal trade in endangered species: animals and plants.

I am encouraged by the specialist staff in the constabulary who support farmers and gamekeepers and are able to secure the conviction of the criminals who would destroy our wildlife and steal equipment and animals.

They rely heavily on information passed on from the public.

I will be looking to see how new technology and a re-invigoration of the Neighbourhood/Church/Farm Watch schemes can be accomplished. Coun Paul Elms, Waddington and West Bradford, has great experience in this area and I know he wants to see great things accomplished for the safety of all people.

Other good success stories are the Rural Crime Network and Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Conservative PCCs have been essential in setting the network up, with two thirds of PCCs now members, while ANPR has been a great tool in fighting crime. It allows officers immediate access to information on stolen and suspect vehicles and is an essential part of modern policing.

I would want to see this developed further to enable even more protection for rural areas.

More emphasis needs to be placed on crime prevention. People need to have expert advice on how to prevent crime. Websites are excellent methods for communicating this but not everyone has ready access. I shall be seeking a development of people with this specialist knowledge to support our rural communities. 

Andy Pratt, Conservative PCC candidate
 for Lancashire

Boxing champ Hayes is a vegan

Anyone still dubious about the benefits of a plant-based diet need look no further than vegan boxing world champion, David Haye, whose recent comeback was a knockout – literally.

Haye joins a growing list of meat-free athletes, including footballer Phil Neville, squash champion James Willstrop, and Olympic cyclist Lizzie Armitstead, who understand that plant-based foods provide all the protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients our bodies need to get stronger and faster, minus the saturated fats and cholesterol found in animal products.

Of course, when one also considers that in the 131 seconds it took Haye to win, around a quarter of a million animals were killed globally for their flesh, the decision to go vegan, whether or not you’re striving to be a champion athlete, becomes a no-brainer. PETA offers a free vegan starter kit for anyone who wants to feel the benefits of plant nutrition, while sparing animals the pain of slaughter.

Calum Proctor via email

Mind boggles at £20m proposal

Has David Cameron gone completely off his rocker? He has set aside £20m to teach Muslim girls English. The mind boggles.

Hasn’t he looked around this country to see the devastation caused by the flooding, the state of the NHS, parents who cannot get their children into schools of their choice and cuts to local services which, to most people, are essential? I could go on.

Relatives of mine who lived in Spain for a number of years had to pay to attend classes to be taught and learn the language.

I cannot help but despair at the way this country is going. As a retired person who has paid taxes all his life, and still does, my heart now truly aches.

Barry Foster, address supplied

NHS is not safe in Tory hands

In reply to yet another closure of an NHS hospital, we hear Lord Carter has been appointed to find ways to save the NHS money.

Lord Carter reminds me of Lord Beeching, who decimated the railway. The Prime Minister says one thing and does another. Can the people not see what they are trying to do to our NHS?

P Jones, address supplied