Readers' letters - January 2

The old British passportThe old British passport
The old British passport
There are so many more crucial issues

People are freezing to death on the streets.

Theresa May describes homeless children as only homeless if they are actually on the street.

She claims to be a Christian, you know.

Victims of the Grenfell Tower fire are still waiting for formal counselling, as are many teenagers with eating disorders.

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Damian Green will get a severance payment that is equal to my yearly NHS pension (after 41 years).

Virgin Care has been allowed to sue the NHS because Jeremy Hunt has set up a contracting system where companies like this expect to win contracts.

David Davis is utterly incompetent and freely admits he has no knowledge to do that role.

People are waiting for Universal Credit for so long they have cancelled the six-week deadline to remove the evidence.

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Grenfell Tower victims are yet to receive Christmas payments.

And what does this sociopathic government think is more important?

Changing the colour of “our” passport at a cost of how much?


Terry Maunder

Address supplied


Farmers need to help nature

Safeguard our countryside

Why does the Government never take action on the things that really matter?

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The safeguarding of our precious countryside and its flora and fauna is one of these. It is imperative that this dreadful diminution in bird numbers be halted and reversed.

If these truly disheartening losses had taken place from Roman times, or even, say, from 1900, for instance, this would be upsetting enough, but such gloomy falls in a handful of years is more than catastrophic.

At this rate, there will soon be nothing left.

It proves that these “modern” disgraceful and mindless “farming” practices need to be dealt with promptly and seriously. It cannot and must not be allowed to continue in this appalling manner.

There is a complete lack of mixed farming in favour of dismal mono-culture and endless barley deserts.

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We are often told that many farmers are doing more to protect the woodlands and hedgerows.

Some are indeed trying to help, and one does see more bird boxes but, on the whole, there does not appear to be very much happening. Perhaps it is optional for farmers instead of being obligatory.

Much of the land is now very degraded and is more like featureless priorities.

There needs to be planted many more copses of trees, hedgerow trees and thousands of miles of hedges themselves.

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They protect farmland from winds and soil erosion as well as making the landscape beautiful and providing a haven for endless species of birds, other creatures and wild flowers, to say nothing of the benefits for bees.

The few hedges that we do have are hacked to pieces every year by huge machines.

What chance has our green and pleasant land when both farmers and builders seem to be hell-bent on wrecking what remains of it, aided and abetted by the misguided reasonings of the politicians and bureaucracy?

Authorities are so depressingly short-sighted in their endless quest for material gain that they fail to notice what is happening to the land.

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They must realise that if nature is destroyed, man shall soon follow.

Martyn L Scargill

via email


Tackle waste

Bottled water has had its day. The plastic throwaway water bottle culture does not have to be creating the serious environmental problem that it is doing.

For less than £2 each, I have purchased two plastic, reusable water bottles.

I fill a bottle with water in the morning and it lasts me through the day.

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I believe that ordinary drinking water from the tap is probably at least as healthy as any of the bottled stuff.

As necessary, I sterilise the bottles with Milton. It seems to me, problem solved, and a lot of money saved.

The bottled water manufacturers have had their day. It is time for the environment.

Mike Harwood

Address supplied


Soap opera in the House

Theresa May’s sacking of her deputy Damian Green so close to Christmas reminded me of the EastEnders Christmas edition years ago when ‘Dirty Den’ handed his wife Angie the divorce papers and wished her a Happy Christmas! It shows the Tories going into the New Year in turmoil once again.

John Appleyard

via email

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