Readers' letters - January 10

Police skills are not academic

I find the recommendation by the College of Policing that all new police officers will need a degree under major changes to forces’ recruitment quite idiotic.

The skill set needed by an officer has nothing to do with academic achievement but more the ability to converse and identify with differing walks of life that he or she might encounter on a daily basis, together with self confidence, courage and a massive abundance of common sense.

How times have changed.

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As a Longridge lad, and following a reasonable Jesuit education at the Catholic College when I decided to join the police in 1963, I was confronted with something of a dilemma.

It was the choice of either the Lancashire County Constabulary or the Preston Borough Force.

Without wishing to provoke or denigrate any of my colleagues and with tongue firmly in my cheek, I joined the county force as the only requirement was to be able to read and write whereas recruits to the borough force apparently only needed to know someone who could read and write! On a serious note, I am sure I speak for all members of the public when I say keep your degrees and give us back the old fashioned role of bobbies walking the beat.

Mind how you go in 2017...

Jim Oldcorn

Great Harwood


Sir Ivan is not needed at all

Difficult to decide whether Paul Dodenhoff’s lament at the resignation of the UK ambassador to the EU, Sir Ivan Rogers, was tongue in cheek or foot in mouth.

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After reading his half page dirge mourning his loss, definitely not tongue in cheek.

Mr Dodenhoff seems to think Sir Ivan was the Sword of Damocles hanging over our Brexit future, we are doomed now he has broken the thread and gone.


Sir Ivan learnt his diplomatic skills at the knee of the EU tunnel-visioned Ken Clarke and later the swivel- eyed Tony Blair.

No guessing where his £180k per annum loyalties lay.

Mr Dodenhoff seems surprised that David Cameron had no plan B in his referendum campaign.

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Who held Cameron’s hand during his nine-month European trek to gain a favourable UK deal, dispensing all his accumulated EU wisdom?

Who persuaded him there was no need to bother Merkel with annoying requests for treaty change?

Who convinced Cameron there was no need for a plan B as a 70 / 30 Remain vote was guaranteed?

None other than Sir Ivan.

He announced it would take 10 years to try and secure an EU trade deal.

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Would Mr Dodenhoff care to hazard a guess as to how long Sir Ivan had to serve before receiving his gold-plated EU pension and perks (10 years)?

Since the Leave result was confirmed, in all sightings, Sir Ivan has had a face as long as a milk round.

He has a childish, petulant attitude and should have resigned, along with Cameron.

The Leave negotiations will be a lot smoother for his going.

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Mr Dodenhoff would find more ambition and enterprise in a visit to his local funeral parlour than in his dream of ‘a whole army of Sir Rogers’.

Had Theresa May left him in situ to negotiate with the EU, it would have been like two bald men fighting over a comb.

Pete Hanslip

Lostock Hall


Unwelcome start to 2017

On New Year’s Day, I was on crutches and unable to get to church without help.

My daughter , who lives in Manchester, very kindly drove over to Preston and dropped me off at St Wilfred’s and later picked me up.

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A few days later she was shocked to receive two penalty tickets in the post.


Preston was a ‘ghost city’ on New Year’s Day.

All shops were closed and on the CCTV image it shows one car and one lone pedestrian but still the cameras rolled.

On the second CCTV image, just her car and a deserted street.

So much for congestion and traffic control.

Come on Lancashire County Council, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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A large city like Glasgow did a U-turn on a decision to fine motorists for driving in bus lanes on Christmas Day when there are no buses on the roads.

The decision followed an Evening Times campaign which highlighted motorists hit with penalties on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

I would be interested to know if anyone else was fined in Preston on either of these days?

I, like many people who live in Preston, remain totally bemused at some of the decision making on traffic control and changes to our city centre.

People and cars are not welcome.

Bridget Frediani

via email


Friends are ‘ill-informed’

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Interesting to note that Friends of the Earth “spokesperson” seemed to rubbish the ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority on Wednesday’s BBC North West.

This is no more than we have come to expect from an ill-informed group of rabid protestors trying to bully people who have the temerity to think differently to them.

I was surprised that their leaflet made no mention of all the flatulent cows that contribute so much to destroying the ozone layer!

What happens when we have no heat or light?

I am delighted to note that the test drilling is now going ahead.

Name and address supplied


Rocking and rolling in town

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It was a full house at The Platform, Morecambe, on December 16.

Golly’s Rock-Ola and Andrew Watson were in great form as usual and the visiting artists Herman’s Hermits were great, singing all my old favourites.

Supporting act Reelin and Rockin 60s group were well applauded and many were up dancing.

A great night.

I am now looking forward to future events at The Platform.

Mrs A Sandbach


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