Readers' letters - January 10

Have these factors contributed to crisis?

Friday, 12th January 2018, 1:58 pm
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 3:00 pm
A correspondent gives his view on the 'NHS winter crisis'

I am wondering if the following factors have contributed to this winter’s NHS crisis:n The reluctance of doctors to prescribe antibiotics when, for instance, coughing caused by flu is at an early stage;n The reluctance of doctors to refer patients to specialists at an early stage.As regards prescribing antibiotics, this is to prevent the development of ‘super bugs’, but one wonders if this policy is counterproductive if it results in allowing illnesses to get worse so that more hospital beds are required to cope with illnesses which might otherwise have been cured much earlier.As regards the reluctance to refer patients to specialists, I understand this is because of the rules governing GPs’ budgets. However, one has to ask if the NHS is a free service any more when patients with serious conditions have to pay for an initial consultation and scan before the NHS will take the case on? If the GPs are unwilling to pay through their budgets, and the patient has limited means, should it be a surprise if A&E departments get overloaded?Paul Andrews via email

policingPaying more for services

In the Post, Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw wanted to know how much more we would be prepared to pay in council tax to the police service (LP January 8). It seems the Government wants another £16m in cuts by 2020. How would we be for cash if the Government did the decent thing and paid the police bill for policing fracking or if Cuadrilla coughed up towards that bill? Because I believe football clubs pay for protection for extra police?Anyway, just a thought. Here in Penwortham, they knocked our police station down. I haven’t seen a policeman for years, so will we get a ‘Cops For Cash’ deal? It all seems extra these days – more money for the police this Government denies us, on top of being asked to pay £30 a year extra on the brown bin scheme by the council that started the scheme. It doesn’t end, does it?!Allan Fazackerley via email

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transportNo good reason

I see that your special report on commuting claims that 80 per cent of people back return of trams in Preston (LP January 8). I wonder whether that is a statistically representative sample or a figure made up? What percentage of people will be glad to see Fishergate dug up again to lay tram tracks? What percentage would prefer to see money spent on repairing potholes, clearing road gullies, removing weeds and making Preston look nice rather than on trams?Trams provide no benefits that cannot be achieved with electric buses. If any of your readers can think of one, I hope they will write and you will include it in Your Say.Stephen PalmerPenwortham

roadsSister burst tyre on plinth

A big thank you to the two young Asian lads who assisted my sister on Monday when, due to the glare of the sun and the plinth in Church Street being the same colour as the road, she caught it and burst a tyre. The lads were fantastic. They changed her tyre and made sure she was alright. Thank you also to the blonde lady who stayed with her. No thanks to Lancashire County Council for not doing anything with the plinth, for instance removing it or putting something on top. Apparently three to four vehicles catch it daily. Lynnvia email

environmentAn unfortunate coincidence

When I heard the announcement of a northern forest, stretching from Liverpool to Hull, the first thought that sprang to mind is that this is a physical implementation of the north-south divide. The second thought was that it will encourage the south to feel safe, distant and protected from ‘us northerners ‘. Today, looking at the plan, I note that, as well as stretching east-west, the ‘ribbon of woodland’ will reach north from Manchester, in a big curve wrapping around the Fylde, but leaving clear the oil and gas exploration areas of Cuadrilla and Aurora Energy Resources near Formby.At best an unfortunate coincidence!T FroudLytham

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