Readers' letters - February 29

Mr Bumble, Scrooge and co

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th February 2016, 4:54 pm
Updated Monday, 29th February 2016, 5:56 pm
Alastair Sim as Scrooge. A reader says MPs bear a similarity to Charles Dickens characters                     Picture: Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Alastair Sim as Scrooge. A reader says MPs bear a similarity to Charles Dickens characters Picture: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

It was really good to see the recent BBC programme Dickensian brought into the 21st Century by the Conservative Party.

Mr Bumble, played by Boris Johnson, has spent years working in Brussels, writing articles supporting the EU in his weekly column in the Telegraph, and who can forget him dangling on a wire during the Olympic opening ceremony?

Now he’s bumbling along in a desperate bid to become the next Tory Leader.

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Then we have Scrooge played by IDS, the one and only Iain Duncan Smith, failed leader of the Tory Party, and someone who is currently stopping unemployment benefits and making it near impossible to get disability allowance for people with serious injury-related illnesses and disabilities.


Then we saw the appearance of Fagin, played by Michael Gove, hated by teachers up and down the country and having to be moved to leader of the house and being kept in a secret den where nobody can find him.

Finally we have Miss Haversham with her own company, played by the Employment Minister Priti Patel, saying that EU judges are making a mockery of human rights as she wants to put workers back into the 18th Century workhouses.

I never thought I would be in a position to support a Tory Prime Minister who has battered the working class and blamed the previous Labour Government for his ongoing austerity six years under his watch. Quite unbelievable, I 

I know Dickensian is returning for another 20 episodes later in the year, I only hope Bumble, Scrooge and Fagin are feeling Depressed in the Brexit vote in June.

‘Bob Cratchit’


Leaving will lead to UK break-up

The arguments of the nationalists of the SNP and UKIP for independence are remarkably similar.

They both promise a country “freer, fairer and richer” as a result of break up from the big brother oppressor beyond our borders.

Like peas in a pod, their great leaders strut their flag-waving stuff trotting out simplistic slogans.

They pretend that all the complex problems and the grievances we face will miraculously vanish when the glorious day of independence arrives.

Pointing out the practical difficulties and economic consequences of separation leads to blustering accusations of scaremongering and the politics of fear.

The benefits of cooperation and collaboration and shared history are dismissed as irrelevant.

The logical consequence is that a UK decision to vote to leave Europe will almost certainly trigger demands for a further Scottish independence referendum.

The subsequent break-up of the UK will leave both countries more isolated.

Confusion and uncertainty will abound as Scotland tries to negotiate exit from the UK and entry to the European Union, whilst the rump of the UK negotiates an exit from European Union and a break-up of Westminster.

For UKIP, a renaming to reflect what’s left of the UK will surely then be as the Remainder of the UK Independence Party, or RIP for short.

John P via email

Now Northern Powerless

Product recall – The George Osborne Northern Powerhouse.

Major fault not supplied with on switch.

Now superseded by The Northern Powerless.

D Webb, address supplied

Rural residents need bus service

I hope you are able to print this letter about the bus changes and proposals to take some routes off altogether, namely the number 75 Fleetwood and number 80 to Myerscough College via Catforth, Inskip and Elswick.

People in these small villages will be isolated and many will be elderly. They will not be able to get into Preston or to the doctors in Great Eccleston. Why should these people be penalised?

Would it not be better to cut some routes, for example make all routes around town every 10 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes after 10am until 3.30pm?

I use this service to visit friends, relatives, and my grandparents’ and parents’ graves.

Preston Bus, re-think about taking these buses off. Country people need a bus service.

A lot of routes could be changed to keep this bus service.

What about the people who use this service to get to work in Preston, to schools and Myerscough College?

Elaine Ingram, Former Inskip resident

Please keep this wildlife haven

I would like to add my voice in support of the development to the rear of the Stags Head car park in Goosnargh (Bring back the Eyesore, LEP February 17).

It seems to me that Alan Christie has used a previously derelict site and transformed it into a productive and organised entity.

For a long time now this little area has been, if not an eyesore, then an empty and depressing waste. How can the introduction of what can be considered a wildlife haven be anything other than a benefit to the village?

In another context, he might have received a grant from the EU.

I urge the authorities concerned to review their decision.

G Dobson, Goosnargh

Never put down the UK guard

Jeremy Corbyn’s theory of taking off warheads on the trident submarines is like saying to the enemy, come on in, the doors are open.

This reminds me of 1939, with Neville Chamberlain signing up a peace treaty with the Germans.

The guard of the UK must never be put down.

John Bull, address supplied