Reader's letters - February 24

Readers debate the EU question. See lettersReaders debate the EU question. See letters
Readers debate the EU question. See letters
We'll survive without EU

I don’t claim to know all the answers as to what is the better bet, whether to stay in or leave the EU, all I know is that it costs us £55m per day to stay in – for what?

That’s £20bn a year, yes, we do get some back, but what it is spent on, I don’t know.

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When travelling through Europe, you often see signs stating ‘paid for with European funds,’ but I have never seen any in this country.

If we came out, we wouldn’t have a deficit and therefore wouldn’t need these cutbacks, and people wouldn’t be losing their jobs, so what makes the most sense?

The fear factor will always be thrown at us.

National security is one, but we are in NATO, not the European Army.

The next will be trade, they will say we won’t be allowed to trade with the EU.

What a load of rubbish.

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I am certain that Mercedes, BMW, Audi and all the other car manufacturers won’t be saying they will not supply us.

What will happen if we do come out is it will allow us to trade with whom we want to, rather the EU telling us who we can and cannot trade with.

I also reiterate that Switzerland and Iceland are not part of the EU, but they are doing very nicely thank you.

So please listen to the arguments, but don’t be fooled into thinking that we can’t survive without the European Union.

Cliff Fazackerley, Higher Bartle

Look at reasons for in and out

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So our Prime Minister has done his deal in Brussels and what has the public got out of it?

Absolutely nothing.

Benefits to immigrants are insignificant compared with other, more pressing, issues such as border controls, self-governance, sovereignty, freedom of movement.

Let us see what we will be voting for:


Unlimited immigrants will be allowed into the UK.

Freedom of movement means anyone will be allowed into the UK and we will not be able to deport them unless approved by Brussels. The Queen will have no authority over her subjects.

Our judges will be under the control of Brussels law makers.

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The European Commission will continue issuing ‘directives’ ordering our House of Commons to comply with their ruling.

It costs us £400m per week and this will continue to rise over the years.

PULLING OUT OF EUROPE – We will have our freedom to control our own lives and establish a British Bill of Rights.

Our borders will be restricted only allowing in those authorised. Criminals will not be allowed in. Our judges will be independent from Brussels.

We will be independent and self-governing.

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The £400m a week we pay to Brussels will be spent on ourselves.

Our councils will be better funded to cover vital services.

We will control our own future.

Between now and June 23, the public will be subjected to a bewildering array of arguments, but I hope people will be able to read between the lines and not be hoodwinked by misinformation.

Derek J Bunting, address supplied

Short-sighted bus decision

The now declared cancellation of the Preston City Orbital bus route is a short-sighted and strange decision.

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With significant development in the Cottam area, and more along the route, this service will be more used than ever in the immediate future.

A lot of people depend upon this service and I would urge Preston Bus to reconsider.

Cottam resident

A ban would work better

I read with interest a letter regarding the use of mobiles while driving, which can result in accidents (LEP Letters February 19).

Fining culprits brings its own problems, such as collection.

Very few can pay the fine in full.

A good majority offer to pay £5 to £25 per week.

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If a payment is missed, the Collection Office has to chase the offender.

If the matter is referred to the courts, magistrates, more often than not, reduce the fine substantially in order that the defendant is able to pay.

Your reader suggested a fine increase to £1,000 but at, say, £5 per week, this would take 200 weeks to collect!

I suggest a driving ban of three months would stop this problem overnight.

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Of course, a handful would still take the risk, but only the most stupid would use their mobile as well.

Concerned motorist and cyclist

I saw Bobbie Beattie play

What a cracking photo in the Lancashire Evening Post from John McCann (LEP Looking Back February 22).

A double page of autographs from North Enders of the late 1930s.

You would be so proud to own them!

I saw a few of them play after the war, mainly Bobbie Beattie, and I had the pleasure of knowing Tom Smith.

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I am sorry to correct John, but it was Georgie Mutch who converted the penalty.

The ball hit the underside of the bar, and fell in the net with a big white blob on it.

The unfortunate Huddersfield keeper was Hesford.

Allan Fazackerley via email

George Mutch scored penalty

In the LEP’s letters page, John McCann shows the 1938 FA Cup winning team (Looking Back February 22).

He adds “Andy Beattie scored the last minute penalty against Huddersfield”.

In my opinion, it was George Mutch who scored the penalty.

John Cross

via email