Readers' letters - February 22

An example of crazy political correctness

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd February 2017, 4:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:09 pm

Oh, my!

Well, we could all see it coming, another fine example of political correctness gone crazy (The End of the Bake Sale, LP February 18).

I see where the authorities are coming from but 

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How on earth can you monitor where all the food stuffs are made, let alone where they are sourced, 
or indeed what goes into them?

I think the expression TRUST springs to mind.

Many schools and charities rely on the generosity of the public to put time and great effort into making these cakes.

It really is the thin end of the wedge.

What next?

An inspection of cakes by the health authority at the local church fete?

Let’s hope they do better with that one, in the light of far too many cafes and takeaways still trading after receiving a two or even a one star rating.

So then back to basics.

We will all be buying pre-wrapped packets of branded goods to take to these events, and heaven help those that aren’t sealed properly.

Maybe a fine at the 

One way of collecting I suppose.

The Fulwood fairy cake baker


A simple solution could stop accident

In Cottam we now have two bus services for which we are extremely grateful, the No 88 goes to the hospital and the No 44 into the city centre.

I have had at least two face to face meetings with the manager of the bus company and a trail of emails.

Last year, I explained that the bus drivers were parking up outside the Ancient Oak on Merrytrees Lane.

They sit and read books or get off the bus and light up a cigarette.

This causes an obstruction and blocks the line of sight for oncoming vehicles. It is close to the corner of Tom Benson Way and the entrance/exit of the Ancient Oak.

I was told that, when a route is registered, it is timed from stop to stop and there was too much time allowed from Ingol to Cottam.

I was promised that, as from last September, when the route was altered, the timing would be changed.

For a short period, this appeared to work but since the New Year, the bus drivers are again parking in this same spot.

Just a couple of stops further on, along Cottam Way, there is plenty of room for parking which would not cause any obstruction.

I get complaints from residents and even have people knocking on my door to ask what am I doing about it?

I keep being promised that a notice will be sent out to drivers to ask them not to park outside the Ancient Oak.

I know there have been near misses as I have witnessed them but do not want an accident to occur when there is such a simple solution.

Coun Christine Abram



Marching to save our health service

Recently, it was revealed that nine out of 10 hospitals faced overcrowding this winter – a sure-fire sign that Government underfunding is beginning to affect patient care. Waiting times are up.

And there’s a widespread cash shortage forcing difficult decisions on staff around the country.

Meanwhile, the number of applicants for nursing courses has plummeted following the axing of the NHS bursary, storing up further long-term problems and exacerbating an already worrying nursing shortage.

The pressure on the NHS is greater still because social care – which has been cut in real terms by the Government since 2010 – is creaking under the weight of an aging population and a shortage of resources.

That has an impact on the NHS, with more elderly patients stuck on wards because they can’t be cared for elsewhere.

And of course, there’s the damaging pay cap that holds health workers’ wages down, damaging morale and recruitment at the same time.

This crisis is a disaster of the Government’s own making.

These are just some of the reasons why UNISON and other trade unions and NHS campaign groups are supporting the NHS National demo on March 4 in London – opposing privatisation and cuts in our health service and fighting to save it for future generations who will need it just as much as we do.

We will assemble at noon in Tavistock Square, London WC1 and march through London to Parliament.

Please join us on the demo.

Tony Wilson

UNISON National Executive Council member, North West Region


The Old Peers

Pals Act Scandal

Earning £300 a day would certainly inspire anyone to ‘work, rest and play’.

The Peers in The House Of Lords have been on to a good thing for over 100 years!

It’s not bad going if you can afford to leave your taxi running whilst you clock in to The House Of Lords to claim your £300 allowance. It’s about time ‘The Old Peers Pals Act’ scandal is fully exposed.

There are Lords who clearly do make a considerable and worthy contribution, yet some Lords are claiming very nicely for doing nothing or falling asleep!

The whole thing is an obnoxious combination of Government complacency, arrogance and insincerity that has allowed this kind of administration to happen for decades.

During an age of savage austerity cuts, this kind of ‘cosy’ administration amongst the wealthy makes a mockery of public spending.

Stephen Pierre

Via email


Water, water everywhere

Many of you will remember a new venture, the Museum of Water, coming to Lancaster a couple of years ago.

We deposited a bottle of Lancaster Canal water with them. I said at the time, this was unusual, but could develop into something special.

The museum is now showing the water collection, including our Lancaster Canal water bottle, in four places in Australia from Albany to Perth.

If money is available for an unusual venture such as this, surely it will be available to open up the Tewitfield Locks, cross the M6 and open up the Burton section, providing we go about it in the correct manner.

Frank Sanderson

via email