Readers' letters - February 14

'˜Good news about cancelled contract'

Frack Free Chorley & South Ribble welcomes the recent announcement from Armstrongs Aggregates that it has cancelled its contract with the fracking company Cuadrilla. This was down to the persistent pressure from residents of Lancashire and Bolton who worked together with Bolton Against Fracking to protect our land, water, and children’s health for a cleaner environment and for standing up for democracy.

Cuadrilla is building its infrastructure for four deep fracking wells at Preston New Road, not 15 miles away from Chorley. Lancashire County Council stood up against the decision to frack, as did the planning inspectorate following days of the planning enquiry. This cost was borne by the taxpayers.

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The Government took an unprecedented step and over-ruled the democratic process to allow it to go through against the wishes of Lancashire County Council and the residents. We at Frack Free Chorley & South Ribble gathered a petition together to ensure Chorley Council debated the issue in a full council meeting with the Lady Mayor last year. Chorley Council is against fracking on any of the land it owns and was pleased that residents are taking an active role in what is happening in their area.

We congratulate Armstrong Aggregates on making this decision. Many of their quarries are based around the local area, including Brinscall Quarry, and this was a bold move by director David Armstrong, following continuous pressure from local Frack Free groups.

The residents involved in peaceful protection of our environment are ordinary professional people who have families, hold down jobs, and care about the countryside and quality of life for everyone. We are the major water catchment area for United Utilities with our stunning beautiful moors of the West Pennines. Fracking is a serious threat to our drinking water and, at the end of the day, you cannot drink oil or gas.

For those residents who wish to learn more about what fracking entails, please come along to our monthly meetings at Trader Jacks, Hollinshead Street, Chorley, fourth Wednesday of every month, or check out www.


Frack Free Chorley & South Ribble


We’ll miss friendly guide dog Kim

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Kim, Chorley branch volunteer Alan Hughes’ working guide and hearing dog, lost a battle against a very recently diagnosed condition.

Kim, with Alan, visited many schools within Chorley Borough to spread awareness about visual impairment and how a guide dog can help someone with this.

Schoolchildren often recognised Kim and Alan around town and many would introduce their parents and take the opportunity to stroke and fuss over Kim, who was always delighted to meet them.

Kim and Alan were staunch ambassadors for Guide Dogs charity and Chorley branch.

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Our branch will miss Kim and her loving, friendly nature very, very much.

All guide dogs are a mainstay in the life of their visually impaired owners. A partnership that, when broken, can be devastating.

Chorley branch volunteers endeavour to raise awareness and funds to help overcome the isolation and lack of confidence that is often felt by people suffering visual impairment.

There is a waiting list for people wanting a guide dog so our task is constant and ongoing.

The above photo shows Kim, Alan’s guide and hearing dog.

Grace Jackson

Organiser, Chorley Guide Dogs


Wonderful carers at Chorley Lodge

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I feel compelled to write to you and say something about Chorley Lodge.

Right now our very special grandpa is in the end stage of his dementia in his room at this home, and EVERY single member of staff is treating him, and my family, with absolute love, kindness and dignity.

Care homes get such bad press, yet they do not get credit when it is due, and this home and its wonderful team of carers – and they totally deserve the name carers, because that is what they all excel at – deserve the recognition of being outstanding in the way they treat their residents, and how beautifully they handle end of life care.

We couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals to see our very, very much loved grandpa through his final days, and we are so blessed that he is in Chorley Lodge. Nothing is too much trouble, and everything is done with a smile or a hug.

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I want to thank them publically, from all of Les Jackson’s Family. People like these carers work very long, difficult hours with very little reward. The least they deserve is to be recognised for how amazing they are.

Julie Ball

via email


Put bins out on correct day

Our refuse day is Tuesday so why, may I ask, do people put out their bins on Sunday night or Monday morning?

As it blew a gale on the Monday night, several bins fell came open and litter blew down the street.

If it is windy, put a brick on the bin and take it off before collection is due.

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As for Chorley Council charging for garden rubbish, ask Blackpool what happened there. Folk put it in the green bin or dumped it.

Do not charge for brown bins, just empty blue ones not as often.

After all it is only the summer they are full, so in winter will you get a refund?

Name and address supplied


We’re better off out of EU nursery

So the other EU leaders have shunned Theresa May’s offer to be a link to Donald Trump.

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This babyish behaviour will only reinforce the decision that we are better off out of their nursery.

Also do you think if the media stopped wittering on about the Brexit issue, Mrs May and her Government could get on with securing the best deal for the UK out of the European Union?

I do.

Hilary Andrews

Address supplied


Lib Dems are not true democrats

Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats still don’t get it, do they? If they were true democrats, they would support the will of the people and make that decision work instead of trying to rerun the referendum.

How many times do they want us to vote until we come up with the ‘right’ result?

Nat Wendel

via email


Theresa May will come up ‘Trumps’

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I am delighted that our great country is once again being led by a woman as, since Sir Winston Churchill, men prime ministers haven’t had a clue.

I am already liking the style of Theresa May, no pun intended, so please forgive me, but I am sure she will come up “Trumps”.

Ken Holmes

via email