Readers' letters - February 13

Pavement parking or total gridlock

By The Newsroom
Friday, 16th February 2018, 1:56 pm
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 3:20 pm
A correspondent says people need to park partially on the pavement
A correspondent says people need to park partially on the pavement

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Regarding the letter about pavement parking (LP Letters, January 19). In and around North Preston, if people did not park partially on the pavement, the area would be gridlocked for most of the day. There are cars parked on both sides of every street for miles, in any direction.It is only the fact that they are partially on the pavement that creates the narrow channel for one car to pass through. If everyone parked fully on the road, every street would be blocked for 12 hours a day. How would doctors, health care workers and emergency services get through? Signs have now been erected near Royal Preston Hospital to highlight the fact that it is an area of residents’ speed concern. I take it that the residents, like me, are concerned about the lack of speed above one mile per hour, or is this a lame attempt to draw attention from the lack of progress along Sharoe Green Lane during the day? Regarding the 20 mile per hour speed limit, in Fulwood, when a recording device was fitted in the area, to count the number of cars around the developments, it was found that the average speed was only 14 miles per hour. I suspect that this is the case in many other areas of the city. Tony DowningFulwood

environment‘Decision’s led to fly-tipping’Well, well, well, now who’d have thought this would happen? Ingol and Tanterton’s local council is paying for bollards at Cottam Lane to try to deter numerous acts of fly-tipping! The local household waste recycling centre is about a quarter of a mile away from Cottam Avenue, so, why not go there? Surely, it can’t be because of the new ridiculous charges brought in last year to charge for nearly everything now, can it? Lancashire County Council was warned many times that the new charges would be counterproductive and would lead to a vast increase in fly-tipping. However, they, of course, refuted these warnings, saying that, laughably, fly-tipping would not increase or be a problem! Well, in a way, it isn’t a problem for them, since the Ingol and Tanterton Neighbourhood Council and the good residents of Ingol and Tanterton are paying for bollards to be installed at the entrance to Cottam Avenue, due to the neighbourhood council tax on their yearly council tax. Will Lancashire County Council now admit to a disastrous, clueless decision to charge for nearly everything we want to ‘recycle’, not fly-tip?! I was of the understanding that the Government wants us all to recycle? I wasn’t aware that we would have to pay for privilege of doing so. It’s just an obvious way to ‘fleece’ the local council tax payers! How much does it cost the county council to clear all the fly-tipping, not only at Ingol and Tanterton, but elsewhere in the town... sorry, city?No doubt the council will put the blame on the Tories’ nasty cuts and austerity? Well, they have to blame somebody. Surely, it was a wise well thought-out decision? I think not! Angry Cottam Resident brexitBeware of what you wish for

There is certainly at least one thing we can concede to the likes of Paul Nuttall –he and the other members of UKIP, they know how to leave.Perhaps he could remind me, just how many former leaders have left the leadership during the past two years? This includes the founder of the party changing his mind and wanting to REMAIN. Another leader, Bolted on Bolton, is clinging to office like a limpet, another advocate of a remain policy. Concerning the Referendum on remaining or leaving the EU, the old adage of ‘Beware of what you wish for’, has never been more true.Denis LeeAshtonbrexitWho does he think he is?In 1939, this country stood alone facing the German horde, the French had surrendered, some siding with the Germans. (Nothing changes). The British did not capitulate but defended its hard-earned freedoms, even defeating the German Luftwaffe which unsuccessfully tried to ground our air force. We now have a French EU negotiator who has threatened this country with grounding our aircraft if we don’t capitulate to his demands over leaving. He has picked on the wrong nation. The people of this great nation are made of better stuff and will not kneel to the threats from an unelected non entity. Who does he think he is? Bernard Darbyshire via email