Readers' letters - December 15

An eyesore of mud and chaos

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 4:07 pm
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 9:18 am
Pictured: The housing development being built off Eastway, opposite Preston Grasshoppers

I share Coun Abram’s views on the chaos at the Guild Merchant and Hoyles Lane lights (LEP December 12).

Picture this... a trip along Eastway. Having navigated past Asda roundabout, the first obstacle was a set of lights where Durton Manor and its link with Longfield’s new roundabout construction is located, along with the construction of all the new houses.

Continue under the A6 and queue to get past the next roundabout with another building site.

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Onwards past another new building site on the right..over the railway...past yet another new huge building site at Grasshoppers.

Onwards to the Guild Merchant roundabout towards Hoyles Lane...another set of four-way lights this time, backing the traffic past the roundabout, onto Hoyles Lane, past another building site and, hey presto, another set of lights.

Continuing on past yet another couple of huge developments, I finally reach my destination at the far end of Hoyles Lane.

So I continue later, assuming that it is going to be easier via Cottam Way, past yet another building site, but I need to get back onto the A6 heading through Broughton and I think I better leave it there!

As a bonus to this utter eyesore of mud and chaos, my car, which was clean at the outset, is now looking like it’s been through a ploughed field.

Okay, so now, Preston Council, where would you like me to send the bill for the daily car washes and the treatment I will need if I go through this for the next few years?

Exasperated Fulwood resident


Mediocre non-event

I am writing in relation to the proposed installation of the neon sign on the facade of the Harris Museum.

The original innovative works, using neon tubes, of the 1960s onwards, were by the American artist Don Flavin (1933-1996).

Don Flavin’s work was a serious art effort, which, however, the neon sign by Martin Creed, proposed for the Harris Museum, is not.

It is, for one thing, nearly 60 years out of date. It is not original cutting edge art, but a very late derivative work.

An object is not art merely because it is in an art gallery or museum. If one places a vintage car in an art gallery, it is not suddenly art. It is still a vintage car, and of no more art value than before. It is simply placed out of context, its proper context being a motor museum.

The neon tubing to be displayed on the Harris facade suffers from the same problem.

To make a word, or phrase, from a neon tube is not necessarily art.

I believe Tracey Emin has already displayed a similar piece of work, in her joint exhibition with Egon Schiele.

Creed says he gave up painting. I am not surprised.

It is easier to jump on the contemporary bandwagon – that anything goes – and make money, than strive to produce good, creative, original, viable art in traditional terms.

Anything is not art. If applied to everything, the term art loses its categorization value, hence becoming meaningless.

This diabolical waste of money in even fitting the sign seems antithetical to the promotion of art in Preston. Moreover, it is public money that is being spent. It comes from the pockets of the people of Preston, and Preston City Council’s promotion and spending on this project is indefensible.

I strongly object to the neon sign, void in all art terms, being inflicted on the people of Preston – which the Harris Museum was instigated to serve. It was also dedicated to serve Preston with excellent quality, valid, viable art.

It appears that the corresponding exhibition will be yet another mediocre non-event, in a long line of exhibitions devoted to mediocrity.

Interested in Art


local government

Have say on boundaries

There is still time for people to tell the independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England where they think new council ward boundaries should be drawn across Ribble Valley.

We are asking people and organisations for their help to produce a new pattern of wards for 40 borough councillors: the same as the current arrangements.

We are asking you to help us draw up a new pattern of council wards for the whole borough. We want to hear local views on where people think the focal point of their community is and where the natural boundaries between communities might lie.

As we draw new boundaries, we will try to ensure that each councillor represents roughly the same number of voters.

We also aim to produce a pattern of wards that reflects the interests and identities of local communities.

The commission will carefully consider all evidence presented to it during this phase of the review, whoever it is from and whether it applies to the whole borough or just a small part of it.

The commission is gathering local views before it draws up draft recommendations for a new pattern of wards which are due to be published in April 2017. Residents and organisations will then get another chance to have their say in a further round of consultation.

This phase of consultation closes on January 30, 2017. Further information about the review and interactive maps can be found at and

Professor Colin Mellors

Chairman of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England


Glad I’m 63, and not 23

So train fares are up by 2.3 per cent?

This will not affect (or “impact upon” to use the current inaccurate use of

that word) politicians who travel first class then

claim it back from our purses.

Who is in charge?

Chris Grayling MP has absolutely no experience in this field.

He says that the problem is that the train companies and “bosses” do not communicate with each other.

It’s 2016 and this is the state of the transport system and structure.

When, oh when, are people going to realise that these politicians are an utter waste of space?

None are qualified in any way to do their designated jobs.

Hunt seems to think that serving tea from a trolley gives him huge insight into running the NHS.

That is not intended as an insult to the real people who do it but him – talk about being out of touch with reality.

Now look at “Brexit” – not a clue between them.

I’m glad I’m 63 and not 23 – what a future if I was!

T Maunder

Address supplied