Readers' letters - August 9

We'll have no bus route next month

Friday, 10th August 2018, 5:00 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:38 am
There will be changes to Preston's bus routes next month

We’ve been told that, from September 3, the No 14 Bus will no longer run.

This means we, the residents of the Longsands area, will have no bus route. We think this is unacceptable.

The No 23 could incorporate the Longsands area. It could come from Asda, to Longsands Lane and the roundabout at the Anderton Arms Pub, before turning left to Teil Green/Squires Wood. From there, it could go to the roundabout at Fulwood Row then back to Andertons Way. It could then turn right onto Eastway and head to the Royal Preston Hospital and town.

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There are already bus stops on Longsands and by Teil Green/Squireswood.

The bus company has said it is looking into linking us with another bus route.

So why can’t it be this one?

We don’t need to go through Holme Slack into town. Our main concern is being linked to Asda and the hospital (RPH).

We’ve got a petition on and we have around 65 signatures.

Linda Whyborn

via email


Ill people are being penalised

Further to your article on car parking at Preston and Chorley hospitals, I cannot understand the mentality of the board members who have made the decision to remove the free parking concession for people who have to visit the hospital on a regular basis (LP August 3).

Twelve months ago, having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had to undergo radiotherapy treatment at the Rosemere cancer centre.

This meant visiting the hospital for five days a week over a four-week period, having chosen a higher dose of radiotherapy than the normal 35-day treatment.

Having the free parking concession helped make the visits a little less stressful at this difficult time.

Under the new car park charging system, patients undergoing this treatment will be charged either £50 for the four weeks or £87.50 if they choose the 35-day treatment.

Attending the hospital is not a choice but a NECESSITY for people suffering from cancer and patients requiring dialysis treatment.

To be hit with a financial charge of this nature is totally unjustified.

I have no knowledge of how many people receive the free parking concession but I am sure it is a very small percentage of the total number of people who use the car park.

The Board should be ashamed of themselves for this decision to penalise people suffering from a serious illness.

It appears they are only interested in adding extra income to the substantial amount already raised from the car park charges.

Mr D S Scargill

Bamber Bridge


A great act

of kindness

I had to write this letter to say a big thank you to a group of youngsters at St John’s shopping centre, Preston, for taking care of me. They stopped and came to my aid after I was sick on Wednesday, August 1.

One bought a bottle of water, one looked after my shopping bags, one supported me and one got a taxi for me.

They helped me in so I could go and see my daughter, who is suffering from a stroke. I didn’t want to let her down.

The manager looked after me when I got there.

They were absolutely like guardian angels.

I shall never forget their kindness.

I do not know any names of the young ones but if they see this letter they will know who they are.

A great act of kindness was shown to me that day. The kindness of strangers.

I am glad to say I am recovering slowly.

Much love to them all.

A very grateful lady of 77 years



Potential to boost economy

As a Lancastrian business owner, I was delighted to hear that Cuadrilla has now been given the final approval it needs to get on with fracking at its Preston New Road site.

Shale gas has so much potential to benefit the whole Lancashire economy and that of the wider North West.

I’m glad the Government sees this potential and agrees it can be done safely. I look forward to hearing more about Cuadrilla’s successful flow tests in due course.

Emil Fernandes

Managing director