Readers' letters - August 31

Consider pensioners at holiday resort

As octogenarians (my wife and I are in our mid-80s and residents of Morecambe), over the years we have appreciated the improvements and enhancement of the promenade and it is a credit to the authorities concerned.

However, with these improvements, both to the promenade itself and the new sea wall, what is singularly lacking and is of some concern to OAPs like ourselves, particularly to older people with mobility problems, is the total absence of seats on the stretch between Princes Crescent and the new children’s play area opposite Morecambe Town Hall.

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Not everyone is a cyclist, a jogger or an athletic walker, and I feel that provision should be made for seats to be installed at reasonable intervals along this stretch of the promenade.

This would enable older people, along with those with mobility concerns, to have access to the front and to be able to enjoy the wonderful views across the bay.

Surprise, surprise, we have an ageing population here in Morecambe, whose simple requirement on this particular subject needs to be addressed.

I might add that we have holidaymakers staying at hotels along the front who may wish, from time to time, to walk on the promenade and then look for a seat.

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This is an important part of the tourism of the resort and shouldn’t be ignored.

It isn’t too much to ask and consider.

Tony Kadelbach



Greenery now under concrete

Do we really need all of this housing?

What on earth is Preston Council, and the powers-that-be, thinking of?

More houses being built and then more houses taking up the lovely green spaces that we have treasured and have been our heritage for so long.

Today, in the Lancashire Post, is the last straw (LP August 29)!

Residents of Durton Lane, I am sure, will not be pleased.

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The residents of Lightfoot Lane and the surrounding area must be really annoyed at all this building!

They have been subjected to inconvenience for too long and now part of the road, along Lightfoot Lane, is closed.

Even Bartle (formerly a lovely area) has not escaped, and I see there that the houses are advertised as The Paddocks.

Where are the paddocks? Under concrete!

Hayfield Park – where are the hayfields?

Under concrete.

Sycamore Gardens – where are the sycamores?

It’s a joke or maybe it isn’t.

I think it is very sad.

Where are all these new residents going to go when they need a doctor (we are already short of doctors), the schools or the hospital? Royal Preston Hospital is already finding it difficult to cope.

The area north of Preston is about to become so busy.

There will be gridlock all day and every day.

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For the sake of the current residents and future generations, we must curb this awful desecration of land.

Heather Robbins



Consultation lacked publicity

Well, the results of the police station front counter consultation period have been announced.

Barnoldswick, Colne, Darwen, Waterfoot, Leyland, pictured, Ormskirk, Bispham, Kirkham, Poulton and St Annes will all close to the public.

So, it seems that the moneyed residents of Clitheroe will be allowed to have access to police at their station but Leyland’s residents will not.

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Apparently only around 90 people took part in the consultation.

Where was the consultation published?

How was the public informed of how to take part?

A recent survey reported that South Ribble was the most desirable place to live in the country, yet it does not merit its public having access to the police face to face.

What is the South Ribble MP’s views on this?

Name and address supplied


Harvest of fruit and flowers

Garstang Gardening Club members will be displaying their harvest of flowers, fruit and vegetables on Saturday, September 2.

Cabus Village Hall, on the A6, is the venue for the club’s annual summer show, which opens to the public at 1.30pm. There will also be displays of homecraft and photographs of gardens.

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For more information visit

Garstang Gardening Club


A great day out watching PNE

I am in the bottom picture of Face in the Crowd (LP August 29). I am the boy in the white top in the middle.

I thought it was a great game and a great point. It was a great day out and our fans backed the team all the way and never stopped singing.

It was a great team effort as well. They never gave up.

Mitch Walmsley

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We’re not the only species

Re: Human population (LP Letters, August 25). Barry Conway tells us there is no problem with a rising human population – this is our future workforce, he says. Great for our economy maybe but what about the environment and wildlife? Or is it only humans who matter?


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