Readers' letters - August 30

Islamic extremists are not the only terrorists

When you think of the word ‘terrorism’, what usually comes to mind?

Many of us will see the image that the media creates of terrorism – Islamic extremists wearing balaclavas and holding 

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We will think of deadly attacks such as the Manchester Arena bombing and the Westminster attack that seem to have become common occurrences in recent years, not just in the UK, but all over the world.

But is there more to terrorism than we think?

According to the Terrorism Act of 2000 in the UK, terrorism is an act which is meant to ‘influence the government’ or ‘intimidate the public’ in order to advance a ‘political, religious, racial or ideological cause’.

However, not every case is as black or white, such as the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, pictured, in June 2016.

Cox was brutally killed by 52-year-old Thomas Mair, who also stabbed a 77-year-old local man who tried to defend her.

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Mair had links to the neo-Nazi movement and reportedly shouted “Britain First” whilst carrying out the attack.

Arguably this should have been classified as a terrorist attack, as members of the public were threatened and there was a political motive.

However, whilst Mair was charged with murder and other offences, none of these were terror-related.

It appears that Brits are being made to believe that the threat of terrorism only comes from certain branches of society and the political spectrum.

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However, we can see from the murder of Jo Cox, as well as the recent events in Charlottesville – in which a Neo-Nazi purposefully rammed his car into anti-racist protesters – that terrorists are not limited to Islamic extremists.

Extending our understanding of terrorism to include attacks like these is key to comprehending the growing tension in the UK and bettering ourselves to tackle the issue.

Gemma Brown

Address supplied


Get traffic plan right now

During the recent consultation event, showcasing amendments to the plans for the Cuerden Strategic Site, it was interesting to see people finally realising what a huge impact the scheme will have on South Ribble.

Despite tweaking and tinkering at a few junctions and yet more traffic lights, there’s still no radical solution to getting the highways infrastructure right.

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The road network through Lostock Hall, Bamber Bridge and Leyland, especially near the proposed site off Lostock Lane near Sainsbury’s, is at best

awful and at its worst unbearable.

Imagine IKEA, another retail park, warehouses, offices and hundreds of homes in the mix too.

All using Lostock Lane.

The jobs and investment are welcome, but get the traffic plan wrong now,

and we’ll regret it in future.

The only official way to object and give feedback is by emailing [email protected] quote ref 07/2017/0211 or write to Planning, South Ribble Council, West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH.

John Jones

via email


Rise will hurt other workers

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So Preston Labour councillors are determined to give their workers a “decent pay rise”.

They say their pay has dropped by 21 per cent since 2010, but fail to mention the fact that council workers are on increment pay, giving them a pay rise ever year until they reach their maximum grade level, whether they deserve it or not.

Also they will receive an indexed-linked, ‘Out of this World’ pension which workers in the real world of the private sector would die for.

The fact that council workers are not leaving their posts in droves proves they are still well paid.

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Labour councillors must also remember if they raise the pay of council workers, they will have to raise the council tax, hurting other workers who have no option but to pay up.

This proves two things.

Labour councillors have no idea when it comes to the economics of the real world and they are the puppets of the trade unions.

Bernard Darbyshire

via email


Inconsiderate and dangerous

As a resident of Garstang, living on one of its busiest roads, I could not agree more with the observations Janet Porter’s letter highlighted recently (LP Letters, August 10).

Recently there has been a notable increase in the number of vehicles parking well onto the pavement, causing pedestrians, wheelchair and pushchair users to cross a busy road

or, worse still, to step out into the road to get


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On top of this, double yellow lines are being blatantly ignored.

They were put

down to stop residents having their field of vision being restricted as they accessed or left their properties and to reduce the hazard of this busy road being narrowed by any parked vehicles.

Add to this the fact that many drivers do not adhere to the 20mph speed limit makes these inconsiderate parkers’ actions even more dangerous.

Name and address supplied


PNE ran rings round ‘Brough

Thank you for the photo of myself and my friend (PNE Face in the Crowd, LP August 28).

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I had a great day out at Middlesbrough, including the coach and the match.

Considering how much money Middlesbrough have paid out for players, PNE ran rings around them.

We just need to get the final touch working and then there will be no stopping them.

Great matches so far – COYW.

Sheila Odlum

via email

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