Readers' letters - August 15

Future looks bad for town

Monday, 15th August 2016, 5:56 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:59 pm
Some of the empty shops in Liverpool Road, Penwortham

Steve Caswell, the ‘sheriff of Penwortham’, is not too worried about the empty shops and believes that they will soon be in action again (LEP August 10).

The fact is clever council members have decided to allow Tesco to build a massive store on Liverpool Road.

The sheriff reckons that this will bring in lots of customers into the town.

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History records the demise of smallish local businesses across the whole country because these supermarkets bulldoze their way in and end up destroying the local communities. They cause one after another established business to give up because of the drop in customers.

It does not look very good for Penwortham’s future.

Tesco will continue to throw disgusting amounts of wasted foods through the back door every day.

Hope Sheriff Caswell makes good use of his loyalty card.

Dans abode from Clayton le Woods

Do something more interesting

With football’s global brand, the Premier League, kicking off at the weekend, I have one over-riding emotion which can be summed up as: Good grief, here we go again.

Having supported a top-flight team since the age of seven, I have now come to realise, at the age of 42, that the whole thing is a complete waste of time.

Rather than watch overpaid prima donnas, who so often blatantly cheat to try and get decisions in their favour, it is far better to go out and play the game instead.

Even kicking a ball against a wall, or just going for a gentle walk in the park, is far more productive than watching a box streaming pictures of 22 painfully well-groomed men prance around, trying to kick a ball into a net. And if you can’t get out and about to exercise, stick on a film or documentary rather than pay a monthly fee to watch this ‘Premier’ pantomime.

Life is too short to waste time on that.

SM, via email

A price tag on environment

That the Government should resort to what appears to be crude bribes in the hope of reducing opposition to hydraulic fracturing conveniently demonstrates its incomprehension of a principled opposition. Perhaps only the Conservative party in Government is prepared to put a price tag on the climate which sustains our planet, on the air we breathe, and on the water we drink. Clearly its opinion of the ideals and hope which motivate the common man is low.

Do we have the Government we deserve? Surely not.

David Cragg-James via email

A waste of resources

We called the county council as my son found rodent droppings and cockroaches in the bathroom.

I was shocked when I was told there would be two separate attendances – one for the rodent droppings and one for the cockroaches. How is that for waste of tax payers’ money?

No wonder the Chorley Town is in a bad way – no A&E and no money because it’s wasted.

Mr Mason, Walmer Bridge

Leave budget never occurred

I see Remainers are now saying the vote was lost because the public was misled. Are these the same ones who backed ‘Project Fear’ and a belief that withdrawal would produce an emergency budget that never happened?

Tim Mickleburgh, address supplied