Readers' letters - April 5

Isn't it now time for a re-think on the NHS?

Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:21 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:26 pm
A correspondent asks: Isnt it now time for a re-think on the NHS?

The BMA says grandly that our health service will see an extension of the so-called “winter crisis”. This is, of course, yet another way of trying to squeeze even more money out of taxpayers’ pockets. Nothing wrong with that – the BMA is a trade union after all and has the financial wellbeing of its members at heart, though it would be nice if doctors volunteered to take, say, a 20 per cent pay cut across the board, as their contribution to the health service’s financial woes. Not going to happen, though, is it ?The reality is that we all have a decision to make. Is the NHS a business or a sacred cow? If it is the latter, we should throw out the accountants, together with their budgets, targets and recurrent financial head-shaking and simply pay whatever it takes to keep the NHS going all the year round. Turn the money taps on and keep them running.If, however, the NHS is actually a commercial concern in disguise, why should we not hand it over to those who know how to deal effectively with any imbalance between supply and demand? No more “winter crises”. No more overstretched A&E. No more bed-blocking. Payment upfront, of course. There are plenty of private health insurers. Anyway, since when do dentists, opticians or even vets let you walk out without paying? Healthcare, like any other service, costs you money. We shouldn’t go on pretending it doesn’t. Good wages for the staff, too. Isn’t it time for us all to stop being so squeamish and dump our last great nationalised industry before it dumps us?H Rvia email

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environmentM65 is in a filthy stateThe Environment Agency certainly has a great task in stopping town and country from sinking in a huge mess of man-made refuse (Final Straw, Time for a Clear Up, LP April 3) but they could make a positive contribution by having strong words with their colleagues at the Highways Agency.Embankments along the entire length of the M65 from Bamber Bridge, near Preston, to Blackburn are an absolute disgrace with indiscriminately dumped rubbish. Even the trees and bushes are festooned with plastic sheeting. Yes, we’ve had some strong winds “from the east” recently, but this is not the first time the Highways Agency, which is supposed to care for that road, has allowed it to get into this state. This seemingly lackadaisical approach from a Government body must only encourage motorists to pursue these filthy habits.Peter DugdalePenworthamenvironmentRibble rubbish I was so pleased to read your article on litter, as it is ruining our lovely river (LP April 3). On a recent walk along the Ribble at a point further downstream from the docks, I was horrified to see the amount of rubbish washed up onto the banks, the vast majority of which were plastic bottles and drinks cans. In one spot no bigger than the average garden, I counted 60 pieces of plastic rubbish. My daughter and I vowed to take a bin bag and fill it with plastic bottles, the next time we walk along the riverside. Perhaps local groups could do litter-picks for fundraising.I know I and many others would be glad to contribute, and we would all benefit. We really must do something, as all the rubbish on the riverbank ruins our environment, and will eventually find its way to the sea.J ColdwellLeabrexit‘EU out of Britain’I think the writer of the letter entitled, We need a new EU Referendum, talks absolute rubbish because it is only crybaby-style bad losers who demand a rematch in what is supposed to be a democratic vote (LP Letters, March 23). Remoaners will even fight dirty to try and get their way because they can’t take losing, fair and square.If things get worse between now and the end of the transition period, Brexit is not to blame. It is the EU to blame, as it is still being allowed to cling to power for another two years, through the back door, and therefore it will only get worse if Brexit fails. I still therefore clamour “EU out of Britain!” Can’t remainers see the EU ruined our fishing industry?RN CoupeLostock Hallroads‘Cobbles’ are actually setts

Having read your piece about cobbles in the Lancashire Post (Potholes unearth the past as cobbles emerge again, LP March 16), I have to say they are what we used to call setts. Cobbles are potato shaped and set in asphalt.Edward bearsdworthMorecambe