Readers' letters - April 28

Stop this hysteria and let pupils get on with exams

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 11:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 11:46 am
A correspondent says exam season hysteria adds to pupils stress. What do you think?

During recent years, we have been regaled by parents, the media and, in some cases, the teaching profession of the terrible stress that children are suffering due to the final school years exams – in my day referred to as O-Levels and A-Levels.

I assume that these tests must have become much more difficult in view of the hysteria which is generated when the ‘exam season’ starts.

Do other people think, as I do, that there was none of this fuss when we took examinations in comparison to today?

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Nowadays, when results are announced, television cameras record hysterical youngsters weeping and screaming to be filmed for posterity.

Accompanying parents are also on hand to be recorded in various states of emotion.

Is all this really necessary and has it occurred to other people that the kids would be better left to ‘get on with it’ as we were? I’m sure that the evident stress in pupils cannot be helped if adults continue to turn the whole thing into a circus.

I should also add that I think that the media, particularly television, has not been entirely without blame for this state of affairs.

A.W. Clarke

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Ill-judged decisions

In view of recent events, Theresa May seems intent on pursuing a kamikaze course to oblivion.

Yes, President Assad is a monster but her decision to bomb Syria’s ‘chemical factories’ was ill-judged as very little was achieved. No doubt Assad and his Russian allies will have surplus stocks of chemicals/bombs. The war will continue to murder, maim and cause extreme suffering for the Syrians.

As regards Windrush, this is an absolute disgrace and a complete fiasco and proves just how ‘arrogant and incompetent’ this Prime Minister is, ably assisted by Amber Rudd.

R Hemingway

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Disunited kingdom

Until we receive details of our final deal to leave the EU, there is no point in making plans for our future outside.

Scotland has stated that a bad deal would not be acceptable to Scots who voted decisively to remain.

A fast-tracking deal for Scotland to remain or rejoin the EU is a distinct possibility, and this would create a lot of problems for the UK. The UK Government appear to think they can talk their way out of the hard border with Ireland and many of the other problems.

We have now accepted that the UK will definitely leave the EU, but what is becoming uncertain is if Scotland and Northern Ireland will be happy to join us.

John Fisher

via email

Wars solve nothing

When will the people on Planet Earth realise we all need each other – regardless of faith, religion, colour, or which part of this world we live in?

Wars solve nothing.

They only bring death and devastation to the whole populace, and we all suffer in one way or another, even if we live miles away from the conflict. So why do it? Is it greed, or egoists wanting it all at the expense of the rest of us? Who knows? It’s been going on since time immemorial. Nobody wins.

EB Warris

via email