Readers' letters - April 28

This should not be a one-issue election

This election is about more than the Brexit debate. It’s about so many other things.

Our health – how 
the NHS is struggling to give us the treatment we need.

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Our children’s education – the funding gap 
between what schools need and what they actually get.

The housing crisis – so many people can’t find somewhere to live that they can afford.

The environment – how many people are suffering from air pollution, pictured, and how we can keep up with our energy needs without spoiling the planet.

Jobs – lots of people are working in jobs that won’t pay their everyday bills.

Let’s not have a one-issue election.

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Let’s ask the politicians how they’re going to 
answer all these questions about our everyday lives.

Alison Leonard

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Lack of moral values today

I believe it is time to ask ourselves why children, some as young as four years, are suffering from mental health issues such as panic attacks and depression.

Young children should exhibit the spirit of joy and adventure, held in the loving security of their parents.

The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, said he is distressed at the suffering in the world.

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I believe it has a lot to do with the lack of moral and ethical values so prevalent in society today – adultery, abortion, greed, corruption and so on.

How wonderful if, like Beauty and the Beast, this curse was lifted and, as the Archbishop suggested, God’s kingdom could be bathed in new and wonderful sunlight.

Families united and children living in security.

But this might be underpinned with moral and ethical values.

Theresa Quarmby

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A schoolboy’s fond memories

I was sad to read in the Post of the passing of our old French tutor at Preston, G . S . Ronnie Foreman, better known to us oiks as Carrotts (LP April 26)!

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Red-haired Ronnie reached 100, and I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, but although his eyesight had almost gone, he remained as sharp as a razor!

We used to think we were clever in French lessons, turning his attention to some of his favourite loves, amongst them motorbikes and Everton FC.

He informed me a few years ago that he knew exactly what we were up to, and allowed our wiles, because, as he said, there was only so much French grammar our minds could absorb in one go!

Wish I had passed my GCE in French. It would have made his efforts worthwhile!

Allan Fazackerley

via email


Don’t pop round to Mrs Brown’s

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The other night I switched on All Round to Mrs Brown’s, a BBC programme I had never watched before.

Stupefied, I watched until I could no longer bear it and turned off.

As someone who remembers the advent of television, and has enjoyed most of its finest moments, I still feel dismayed at having now witnessed its nadir.

This raucous excuse for entertainment is muck TV.

It is fit only for pond-life to view.

J Robson

via email


A pound for

your thoughts?

I have recently started collecting the old £1 coin.

On eBay, one of the coins I need is £15, below someone is selling the set of 24 for £14.99.

Below them a £1 coin is going for 99p.

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I am so confused I think I will change my name to Ethel and join a convent and become a nun.

Is it true they get nun of this, nun of that and nun of the other? I am wondering if they have a vow of silence, can I get away with it?


via email


I played in the

Ord Cup Final

With reference to your Looking Back article (LP April


The date was 1960 and the game was the Ord Cup Final, won by Ashton Secondary beating Blessed John Southworth 4-0.

The team was, back row from left, Geoff Bank (gym teacher and team coach), L Hamner, A Bennett, J Preston, A Hammond and S Woods.

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Back row, myself (K Hardman), G Dixon, T Haythwaite, A Taylor (captain), J Kirkham, J Cookson and D Parkinson. Hope this brings back a few memories.

Ken Hardman

via email


Corbyn should go further

Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that, if he becomes Prime Minister in June, he will suspend UK airstrikes in Syria.

I would like to see Prime Minister Corbyn ending airstrikes in Syria and every other country in the world.

I would like Corbyn, as PM, to take the UK out of NATO, cancel Trident, ban UK arms fairs, ban the sale of arms abroad, close all UK arms factories, and disband the UK armed forces.

Louis Shawcross

via email


NHS staff work their hardest

Re: NHS articles.

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It would be refreshing to see in print some kind remarks about the NHS and the very hard working staff that save and preserve life daily. The press only has bad news to print.

God help us all if we lose this precious service.

Disillusioned reader

P Mckenna