Readers' letters - April 13

Tyrants deluded by frightening power

Thursday, 13th April 2017, 10:22 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:49 pm

What an unstable and deeply worrying world we are experiencing. As if the global terrorist atrocities with innocent people killed aren’t bad enough, we have recently seen the grotesque consequences of the effects of chemical weapons on men, women and even children in Syria.

The cliché that history repeats itself is so true at present. Every so often world peace is threatened by a tyrant and, at the present time, we have at least three who don’t seem to care about the needless loss of lives. They are Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un. Throw Donald Trump and Xi Jinping into the mix and the international picture is bleak.

Another well worn cliché is that those who live by the sword die by the sword – it has certainly been borne out historically. It may happen again in our lifetime, but the question to ask is at what cost to life when tyrants are deluded by their frightening power?

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Graham Branston

Address supplied


Enjoyable day but poor game

I was photographed watching the football match at Leeds which Preston lost 3-0 on Saturday (LP April 10).

It was said that spectators could write in and offer their feedback on the game and day overall and I would like to do exactly that.

I enjoyed the day. After a pleasant coach journey up to Elland Road, we arrived in plenty of time to a nicely carpeted concourse leading to a stunning pitch where Leeds TV were presenting their pre-match show.

This was excellent and very enjoyable, as the fan interaction was second to none and, even as a Preston supporter, it was very entertaining and is something that Preston would be foolish not to consider emulating.

As well as this, the half-time penalty game and pie cam features were also incredibly entertaining, raising laughs from all four stands in the stadium.

As a result, and borderline criminal ticket prices aside, the day was very entertaining, aside from the game, and something I look forward to seeing again next season if Leeds fail to achieve promotion to the Premier League.

In terms of the game itself, fans were immediately frustrated from the first whistle as Tom Barkhuizen forced a smart save from Leeds goalkeeper Robert Green in the second minute.

This would ultimately sum up Preston’s day in front of goal, with a poor miss from the in-form striker causing the fans in the John Charles Upper to simultaneously groan, and justifiably so.

The tactic became apparent shortly after, long balls to Barkhuizen and Robinson which completely ignored Robinson’s inability in the air and lack of work rate.

Every time the ball got to Robinson, Leeds were able to counter attack and the fact that we offered no threat at all as a result ruined the day in the end.

Try as McGeady and Barkhuizen might, they were offered little support and this was summed up when Callum Robinson was substituted to cheers and boos from the travelling Preston faithful.

It was a poor game overall which Leeds fully deserved to win, upsetting but unfortunately that’s how football is.

Ultimately, the off the pitch entertainment salvaged what would otherwise have been a very poor day.

Terry Tucker

via email


Public comes before dogma

Despite the inconvenience caused, the strike of the RMT union over driver only operation must be supported.

Train guards play a vital part in deterring hooliganism and anti-social behaviour and assisting vulnerable passengers.

There have been many instances of train guards evacuating trains which have broken down or become dangerous through accidents or fire.

The Government is by no means neutral in the dispute.

It wrote the driver only policy into the franchise won by Northern Rail, putting its anti-union motive before passenger safety.

The time has come for those Tory MPs who support the driver only policy to explain why their narrow political dogma is more important than the needs of the public.

Martin Mitchell

via email


How to get rid of green bin

You will recall for 2016/17, Wyre Council introduced a £30 service charge to remove green waste.

Since 1999, this service has been free of charge to over 47,000 households.

In a leaflet, Wyre Council explained that unsubscribed, unused and unwanted green bins would be collected in autumn 2016, this never happened.

It seems that Wyre Council changed its mind for automatically collecting unwanted bins but why could this be? My recent enquiry to Wyre Council confirmed for 2016/17, some 21,282 subscribed, thus leaving in the region of 26,000 households who did not. Yes, approximately 26,000 green bins.

What another waste of council tax payer’s money. Where will all these bins go and at what cost?

Not wanting to pay any extra council tax to have my green waste removed, I filled in the online form and a promise to collect my green bin within seven working days was made. As if by magic, the green bin disappeared.

So, for any of you out there in Wyre who want rid of their bin, visit and select green waste. You will find a section for unwanted green bins. Let’s make Wyre Council earn the council tax increase for this year with this very swift removal service. Good luck.

Wyre Resident


Bullies stopped their bullying

In my last year at school, our headmaster decided to introduce prefects to supervise because of bullying.

What surprised me was he included two of the biggest bullies in the school. It seems the badge of authority and the fear of losing it stopped all bullying.

The two bullies took to their responsibilities with a maturity beyond their years.

Kevin Gooder

Address supplied