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Join fight against houses

Jeremy Corbyn captured  on CCTV walking past empty seats on a Virgin train.
Jeremy Corbyn captured on CCTV walking past empty seats on a Virgin train.

Haighton Parish Council was extremely concerned to learn about a proposal to create a housing estate of 34 dwellings at Park House Farm, Whittingham Lane, Haighton.

The housing estate would extend across the open countryside adjoining Grimsargh Manor, including the land which is currently occupied by farm buildings, up to the farmhouse itself, and northwards behind Whispering Pines and up to the the farm track, an area of 1.39 hectares (3.43 acres).

In our opinion, were this application to be granted planning permission, it would represent a large scale expansion of development into the open countryside and the Area of Separation between Grimsargh and Whittingham/Goosnargh.

Once the precedent has been created, there would be little to stop further ‘land grabs’ along the rest of Whittingham Lane/Haighton Green Lane/Cow Hill. Rural Haighton would gradually be engulfed by urban sprawl.

The proposed entrance is located on the hill past the entrance to Grimsargh Manor and the wood at the corner of the playing field.

It is so far down the slope the entrance would be obscured from the view of drivers approaching from Grimsargh. They would have little time to react to vehicles entering or leaving the estate. Placing the access point here would create a serious hazard to road users.

Haighton Council would urge anyone who wishes to protect the open countryside of Haighton and maintain the village identity of Grimsargh to write to Development Management, Development Directorate, Preston City Council, Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston PR1 2RL, or e-mail [email protected], quoting reference 06/2016/0719. The plan is available to view on the council’s website. Deadline for responses is September 6.

John N Jones, parish councillor and clerk, Haighton Parish Council

Missing Corbyn message on rail

And so the hate campaign continues against Jeremy Corbyn. This time he is being accused of deliberately ignoring available train seats so he can make a point about overcrowded trains.

Those against Corbyn are jumping up and down with glee and self-righteousness and are choosing to ignore the message that he was trying to get across: that he believes trains are overcrowded and that renationalising the railways can solve the problem.

But let’s forget about that and hate on Corbyn some more shall we?

Steven Moss, via email

Advice for pain free cycling

Your Deloitte Ride Across Britain article on cyclists “pain in the backside” (LEP July 16) promoted this rear guard response.

The uniqueness of bottoms is a blessing making for various reaction but in more than 25,000 miles of cycle touring I’ve yet to suffer the beltsand (agitated cyclist bum) effect. Here is what I do to keep my bum in tip top condition.

I never wear shorts which are padded, or underwear, to provide as much air as possible around the backside to counter sweat. Just thin Lycra with a smear of TCP ointment or similar.

Initially as I don’t cycle in winter for the first two or three spring time rides I experience some buttock bone discomfort following the cycle rides, which may last three or four days, once the bottom has “bedded”, I experience no further discomfort, even on longer rides as Preston to Vienna.

At 68 years of age my standard gel saddle is a comfy seat of bottom bliss.

Stan Anderton, Preston

Time to think of cutting cars

I’m guilty of driving my car too much. My confession is I drive. I drive and yet I think there are too many cars on the roads.

And if it’s like this now, what will it be like in the future? We are living longer, healthier lives. What if those of us who can, continue to clutch our driving licences until the age of 100?

And if all the next generation and the next want their own cars too – will there be gridlock? Will we say goodbye to the last patch of countryside for yet another road? I have heard Jeremy Corbyn cycles rather than drives, and this is something I admire.

Individuals’ circumstances are different – some need to drive for health reasons or for commuting long distances, but for others, like me, the car can be an option. I might not be able to give up my car but I could drive less often. Perhaps this could be a compromise for others too?

Jane, Lancashire

Celebrate those with happy face

With all the gloom and doom, why don’t we have a happy face competition among bar staff, hospital cleaners and child carers, anyone with a happy face. Cleaners don’t get much attention but work very hard keeping the hospitals clean.

There is some really happy faces around the Wigan and Chorley area who work in low paid jobs. Bring out some joy and happiness for a change and let those who really work have some attention for a change.

B Anderton, Ince

Team GB are an inspiration

Congratulations to Team GB, what a fantastic result in Rio de Janiero . We should all be very proud of them, they have raised our spirits and put the Great back in Britain.

Our Olympian athletes, ahead of China in the medal table, have achieved the best results in over 100 years and created GB as a sporting super-power which bodes well for Tokyo in four years time.

What they have achieved by their sheer determination, proves what we can do as an independent nation, taking up our position in big wide world again.

Their legacy should be our inspiration for the future. Well done Team GB.

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP