Readers' letters

We voted Out '“ why delay?

Friday, 23rd September 2016, 4:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:04 pm
A reader questions why is there a delay in leaving the European Union?

“Brexit means Brexit” – means what? It was a simple choice on the referendum voting slip – Do you want to remain in the EU or leave the EU? No mention of having to invoke an ‘Article 50’ or navel gazing over whether to adopt a Swiss / Norway relationship /single market deal.

Instead of trying to untangle 40 years of EU red tape and waffle, PM May could simplify the situation by slicing through the Gordian knot and repealing the 1972 European Communities Act and conducting negotiations as an independent nation.

It would appear, however, that we will have another two and a half years of Juncker-led taunts and threats to suffer.

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Another £450m of contributions to pour into the sclerotic Brussels money pit.

Another 800,000 unmonitored immigrants to absorb without complaint.

Another £1,000 per household in EU green energy surcharges.

Another £2m to line the parasitic windbag Kinnock and family’s back pocket.

Two and a half years before being rid of business strangling red tape.

Before we can return 13,000 foreign criminals to their country of origin without them bouncing back on the return flight.

Before I can buy a light bulb that can cast a shadow, and a vacuum that collects dirt instead of rearranging it.

Before we can turn back NHS treatment tourist migrants at Customs.

Before GP waiting times and school placements start to flatline. Before we can stop decommissioning perfectly serviceable coal-fired power stations.

The apparent lethargy in cutting ties has the cold clammy fingerprints of Mandelson, Blair, et al written on it.

It seems more difficult to be rid of the Brussels foot on the UK’s throat than for a one-legged man to win a backside kicking competition.

Pete Hanslip, Lostock Hall

Sad days for our services

As a Labour councillor, it’s a sad day when we see the closure of children’s centres, which were a flagship Labour creation.

The closures to local services are a direct consequence of the vast cuts made to local authority funding by this Conservative Government, which has slashed our county council grant by 62 per cent since 2010.

That’s £685m taken from our local services by this government.

Despite these cuts, it’s our Labour County Council which is doing everything possible to defend local communities, protect those who rely on public services the most and have continued to set balanced budgets.

Despite their protestations, the local Conservatives also know that without these changes, the county council would be bankrupt by 2020, due to their Government’s cuts.

It’s evident that the Government cuts are ideologically driven, unfairly distributed, and putting pressure on all our public services.

This Government is responsible for reducing funding to intolerable levels.

As Labour councillors, we don’t want to see the closure of these vital community services, that’s why I’ve been working hard to save the local nursery provision at the Firbank site, and this is now secure until March 2017.

I’ll keep working hard to make sure that the people I represent in Lancaster East can continue to access children’s service because, as a mum, I know how important these services are.

Having been in close contact throughout the process, I visited both the nursery and the children’s centre to discuss how we continue to serve the community.

I’ll be working closely with officers in the Wellbeing, Prevention and Early Help service to make sure families can continue to access children’s services, both at other children’s centres and in community settings.

Lizzi Collinge, Labour County Councillor for Lancaster East

Visitors put off by Flag Market

Preston Council has recently spent lots of money to update Fishergate, which is looking very tidy and brings it in line with city status.

A good job being done!

I visit Preston city centre several times weekly, but I am disappointed and ashamed at the state our magnificent Flag Market is in.

The benches at the foot of the library are being used on a daily basis inappropriately, thus giving out the wrong signals to visitors to our city centre. After all we need visitors to our city.

The language is appalling. This has been commented on by several people.

Can the council please move these individuals on? Let’s show off our magnificent buildings, instead of being ashamed of this area.

Ann Mackenzie via email

Could you help with Poppy Day?

Remembrance 2016.

Last year the fantastic sum of £10,500 was raised locally.

Chipping, Chaigley, Ribchester, Goosnargh, Grimsargh, as well as Longridge, were involved and a big thank you for that brilliant support. So let us try to do the same this year.

To do this, we could do with a few volunteers to help get the boxes of poppies together and deliver them to the shops.

If you think you could help, please ring me, Bill Houghton, on 01772 784454. Many thanks.

Bill Houghton, Poppy organiser, Longridge

I bought same postcard in 1972

With regard to the Looking Back postcard of the Charnock Richard service station (LEP September 16), I can say with exactitude that I bought one, at the service station, on March 4, 1972.

I still have it in a scrap book.

Regrettably, I cannot tell you whether or not it was a relatively recent product.

Neil Inkley, Walton-le-Dale

Osborne and cruel austerity

Please remind Mr Osborne that he lost the confidence of the country over his cruel cuts to disability payments.

Andrew Mercer, address supplied