Readers' letters

Changes needed at NHS

Friday, 30th September 2016, 5:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:34 pm
A reader is concerned about the delay of the re-opening of Chorleys A&E department

There was a report regarding the temporary closure of our hospital’s A&E (LEP September 14). The opening has now been delayed to 2017.

What a good start.

Lancashire County Council health scrutiny committee chief Steve Holgate quoted that the closure caused a huge amount of concern, hence the report.

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Having gathered a wide variety of sources from Lancashire Teaching Hospital Trust, local clinical commissioning groups, various NHS bodies, local MPs and local campaigners, the report concluded that: “It has been clear for some time that there has been a growing problem in emergency care.”


And do nothing?

The answer was explained by the hospital trust chief executive officer Karen Partington.

She said that they had noticed the report’s recommendation and are committed to make any improvements necessary.

These people are ‘not fit for purpose’.

While they continue in their positions, the NHS will never get better.

Dans’s [email protected] le woods

New stores will complement

Re: John Hagarty’s letter about Market Walk, Chorley (LEP September 30), we are still in the final negotiations with tenants so we can’t reveal any names other than Reel Cinemas, which has already committed to the scheme.

The types of stores we are targeting are ones that will offer something a bit different to what we already have but will also complement the existing independent and market traders, which are an important part of our town.

As soon as we are able to, we will announce the tenants.

With regards to the car parking, we are working on creating more spaces with one of the main new sites, the change of the Hollinshead Street car park to become public parking all week and extending it on to the site where the United Reformed Church is.

Overall, we will have seen an increase in spaces in the town centre if we compare where we will be with a few years ago but people will need to embrace the change.

If we are to attract new retailers and a leisure offer that will bring more footfall then we need to progress a development such as this.

It may mean Mr Hagarty and his family have to cross a road, as in many other towns and cities, but we will be changing the layout of the routes so they are much more pedestrian-friendly.

Councillor Alistair Bradley

Leader of Chorley Council

What about crash victims?

I trust virtually everyone knows that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can affect military personnel and all other victims of war.

Now, thanks to John Wilson, a former police officer with the British Transport Police in London, who was hospitalised after being attacked in 2008, the nation will eventually get to know how it can also affect people within the emergency services.

I believe it’s even more the case that PTSD in road crash victims has also been overlooked, and indeed, within the government, it’s effectively been ignored.

The Code for Victims excludes injured victims of culpable driving, except for dangerous driving.

Those injured by careless driving, drink/drug-driving, mobile phone use and speeding are excluded. Drink driving isn’t a crime?

RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims. As well as all lawless drivers being banned, they should be ordered to become a member!

Allan Ramsay, Radcliffe