Readers' letters

'˜This is more torture for ordinary people'

2014: Cuadrilla’s planning application for fracking at Roseacre Wood was submitted to Lancashire County Council and failed to address key issues. Cuadrilla had to request a deferral in January 2015, half way through the planning hearings.

In June 2015 Cuadrilla applied again and LCC refused permission.

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Cuadrilla lodged an appeal against the refusal and in spring 2016, an inspector listened to the Cuadrilla evidence and concluded that they were wrong to state their noise level requirements were acceptable.

Cuadrilla was wrong to state the visual impact will not be damaging.

Cuadrilla were wrong to state they could access the site safely with their HGVs and tankers.

She recommended refusal of the appeal, concluding it would make the area unsafe for you and me and any visitors (in cars, on bikes, on foot or on horses).

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The Secretary of State had to reach the same conclusion given the evidence repeatedly submitted by Cuadrilla because it crumbled under scrutiny.

But this was not the outcome the operator and the Government wanted. So Mr Javid has changed the rules and says he’s waiting to say “Yes, go ahead.”

In the meantime he has said to Cuadrilla: “Have another go boys.”

And all this the day after the Prime Minister talked of fairness. It smacks of a Chinese show trial: we know the verdict, just give us something to pretend with!

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More torture for ordinary people in the path of the energy industry.

Roseacre Awareness Group

‘Facts win over nimbyism’

I am writing to express my delight that the Secretary of State has overturned the planning refusal issued by LCC (despite the approval by their own planning committee) for the Preston New Road site.

This courageous decision proves that the facts will eventually win out over scaremongering and nimbyism.

It is now for Cuadrilla to prove that these wells can be drilled and fractured in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, which I have every confidence they will be able to deliver.

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I have no doubt that the benefits to Preston and the Fylde will soon become apparent, whilst the rest of the nation will be granted energy security that will reduce the reliance upon foreign gas imports, and the current, high CO2 generating, coal-fired power stations.

I sincerely hope that the Roseacre site, plus those currently being discussed in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, will also be granted approval so that this revolution can spread across the county providing industry and jobs to much needed areas.

J Standing via email

Who are all these celebs?

I don’t know whether it is old age or falling standards, but every time I switch on the TV to another line-up of “media stars” and “celebs”, I haven’t a clue who any of them are.

Anyone got a good book?

Alan Thompson

via email