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Be loud and proud of PNE

Tuesday, 11th October 2016, 11:36 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:53 pm
Corner of Water Lane and West View Terrace, Preston 1970's Photographed by Terry Martin. Image courtesy of Nicola Martin of the Preston Past and Present Facebook Group. Preston Digital Archive

North End, let’s face it, are backed by ‘meagre’ crowds – amongst the worst in the division.

No wonder Mr Hemmings is keeping quiet for he must be wondering where are all the so-called fans who cheered us on to give a ‘super performance’ at Wembley.

Let’s face it, this season our gates are ‘league one’ standard.

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The team is ‘good enough’ to stay up and stay up they will. It should be a blessing if May gets fit as Doyle has been very disappointing. Simon Makienok will be given his chance this season and make a nuisance of himself and my view is Hugill will continue to improve.

The defence, apart from the Brentford game, has been solid.

Fans complain about prices. I’m a pensioner, I pay £20 each home game. I love my team. The choice is you pay it or stay away.

PNE, as a championship club, should definitely average 14,000, even that is very much in the lower bracket of teams in this division.

I don’t comment on other teams. I don’t want the manager out. Whoever comes here will have to do the job with the begging bowl out to Mr Hemmings.

Come on, you people of Preston. Get behind a decent set of players and be loud and proud as I try to be.

Brian Lockley, Fulwood, Preston

Unite says: 
No fracking

Unite the union has a policy of no fracking and, with thousands of members on the Fylde Coast, we are disgusted at the action of the communities secretary to completely disregard the wishes of local people by overturning the decision of their representatives in Lancashire County Council, who refused permission for fracking on the Fylde Coast. Unite has been very supportive of the local anti-fracking campaigns.

There are so many renewable energy options available for generating our power: wind, wave, tidal, solar etc. Why do we have to pursue this dirty and potentially dangerous industry?

The potential for increased employment is minimal compared to large coastal schemes to harness the power of the tide or mass production of wind turbines. The Government claims to be ‘green’. Yet it has removed subsidies from renewable energy industries and appear to be giving 75 per cent subsidies to the fracking industry.

So much for signing the recent Paris climate agreement aimed at reducing emissions.

Mick Stott, Treasurer, Unite (Fylde Coast Branch)

Democracy has taken place

After much discussion, argument, disagreement, protest, claims and counterclaims, and a few attempts to create fear and anxiety by introducing falsehoods into the discussions, the minister has reviewed all of the aspects and concluded that the go-ahead is the net best answer and has granted approval.

The democratic process has operated (and has been seen to have been operated).

Not everyone will be happy with the outcome, but our Government obviously believes that this is the best outcome for UK.

No doubt, Cuadrilla will now be fully employed in undertaking this work and ensuring that maximum safety and minimum disturbance are prominent on its agenda.

Frank McLaughlin, address withheld

This is a waste
of electricity

I’m aware of cost-cutting measures by County Hall but have been surprised at the sheer waste of motorway lighting switched on during the day! This contradicts the signs saying no lights between midnight and 5am. No ‘signs’ of any workmen testing the lights on M65 at 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon, so it’s okay to waste electricity during the day?

Can someone explain please?

John Burrows via email

Sir Robert Peel’s links to Preston

Regarding the article concerning the Winckley Square statue of former Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel getting a facelift (LEP October 3).

Many readers may not be aware that Sir Robert was in residence at the former Penwortham Priory in 1832.

Sir Robert Peel offered a loan of £40,000 to Lawrence Rawstorne, who purchased the Penwortham Estates in 1810 for £92,000. It included the remains of St Mary’s Priory, founded by the Monks of Evesham Abbey in 1087. Lawrence Rawstorne accepted Sir Robert Peel’s loan and lived at Penwortham Priory, after restoration work. The Priory was demolished in the 1960s.

Sir Robert Peel, who was Prime Minister twice, during 1834-35 and 1841-46, is regarded as the Father of the modern British Police. He died, aged 62, in 1850, following a fall from his horse. Sir Robert Peel is featured in the current ITV series Victoria.

Andrew Atkinson, Author, Penwortham, Preston

Memories of The Dockers Club

Regarding the Looking Back picture of the corner of Water Lane and West View Terrace, I remember this building being The Dockers Club of which my dad was a member (he was Fred Johnson) (LEP September 29). Every Christmas, members’ children were invited to a party. There was a ventriloquist and we children were asked to do a turn. I usually sang or recited a poem. Me and my young brother Michael went.

My friend Irene Charnley whistled In a Monastery Garden. She was brilliant. We also had singalongs. We were given a box filled with sandwiches, meat pies, sausage roll and cakes. There was also a large bottle of pop. I always chose Tizer, such a treat.

I am now 83 and I thank my lovely dad for giving me this lovely happy time. I wonder if anyone else remembers?

Pat Botham (nee Johnson), address supplied

Gang of thieves taking Liberty’s

Police are looking for a gang of thieves who committed an audacious robbery and stole a whole shop in Regent Street. They are appealing for anyone who saw people taking Liberty’s.

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool