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'˜Blame planners for chaos'
Rod Stewart is knighted by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. See letter belowRod Stewart is knighted by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. See letter below
Rod Stewart is knighted by the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace. See letter below

The letter and photo regarding cars occupying pavements at Oliver’s Place, Preston, serve to highlight the real culprits at this location – the planners (LEP October 24).

How you can possibly start with open fields and a blank sheet of paper and end up with total chaos beggars belief.

(Prescott’s 10-Year Transport Plan, I assume).

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You’ll find the same situation at the Matrix park in Euxton, where I try to find a parking space in order to attend business meetings but only find the tiny car parks full and every access road lined with cars.

I assume the ideological, but incredibly naive, mindset, was: “If we don’t provide parking spaces they’ll use public transport” – but then fail to provide a credible alternative to the car.

Missed opportunities to make Preston a hub of commerce abound.

Heaven help those of us trying to make it happen.

The Ashtonian via email

Councils need greater powers

It was heartening to read recently that Preston City Council had taken enforcement action over College House on Winckley Square (LEP October 18). But our councils should have greater powers in this area, as in others.

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The shortfall in affordable housing, for example, has long been a source of anger, frustration and resentment for working-class people.

Council house building must resume as a matter of urgency.

Yet, councils are restricted by Westminster in this area, as in some many others.

The reality is that, no matter who is in power locally, the shots are called by those in London who cannot – or will not – understand the needs of people in northern cities. Until financial and political autonomy is restored to our councils, they will be fighting with one arm tied behind their back.

Dave Savage, Organiser,
 Preston & South Ribble TUC

(In a personal capacity)

A lack of care in neighbourhoods

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Well done to Mr Deverson for cleaning up the alleyways around his home in New Hall Lane in Preston (LEP October 20).

Perhaps he could come to Lostock Hall and do the same to the alleyways/backs behind Watkin Lane, from Victoria Street to Houghton Street. Covered in domestic waste and signs of fly-tipping, they are a disgrace.

People just don’t care about the areas around their homes.

David Cross, Lostock Hall

Sir Rod, take that gum out!

I was much saddened to witness TV evidence of Rod Stewart, when he was about to receive his much deserved knighthood from Prince William, chewing gum in a most conspicuous manner. Furthermore, I also observed Rod’s young son adopting the same foul practice.

Surely, on such an auspicious occasion, they could have refrained from displaying this nauseating spectacle? Perhaps they have learned the horrible habit from various football managers, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Sam Allardyce?

Ruthven Urquhart via email

PNE – A big hearted club

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Great thanks and respect to Peter Ridsdale and the PNE team for turning out to Dylan’s funeral (LEP October 22). A big hearted club which obviously puts its fans at the front of the queue. Great respect for an amazing football club.

Name and address supplied

We need a ban on fracking

The UK Government will soon ratify the Paris climate agreement.

The world’s countries have agreed this treaty, recognising that climate change is the greatest threat to all humanity, and there is strong agreement amongst experts that we have already reached a point that is really serious.

The Government cannot claim to be serious about tackling climate change, and start a whole new fossil fuel industry which is a cause of it, or build a fracking infrastructure which would take time to decommission, rather than importing gas until clean renewables can take over.

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If only for these reasons, the Government must hold a vote in Parliament to ban fracking before any further drilling takes place.

Please sign the petition on the Green Party ‘Home’ page, – just click on the petition icon on the top of the page as it appears.

Philip Mitchell, North Lancashire Green Party

EU works well for politicians

A company called ‘Common Ground UK’ campaigns for fair and open society and honest politics.

So the referendum came and went and the majority of our population voted out.

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Now Common Ground is coming to Preston to find out why they opted out.

What for?

Town, country, city and parishes have elections regularly.

When the parties get the results, they accept it. Do they demand another?

If your football club lost the game, you have to grin and bear it. They do not howl for replay.

So what is the difference with the referendum?

I wonder how much the county hall will have to fork out for this survey?

I bet it won’t be cheap.

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So why do some cliques in Westminster want to cancel the referendum?

Do you think they want to stay in Europe because they go there regularly and get paid a handsome salary, get free first class travel, stay at five star hotels, are limo taxied everywhere and, of course, eat only the best at famous restaurants?

I wish I was an MP.

I would have been the first to say IN!

Dan’s abode in Clayton le Woods

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