Reader's letter: 'Let’s see more goals by getting rid of offside rule'

What do you think of VAR?What do you think of VAR?
What do you think of VAR?
The arrival of VAR on the football scene has been something of a mixed blessing.

There is no doubt that its accuracy is beyond reproach and many of the decisions it has made have proved to be unerringly accurate and are to be applauded.

However, many fans would argue that it has also taken the spontaneity and free-flowing action out of the beautiful game and who knows what crazy decisions this all-seeing monster will be called to adjudicate on in the future?

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However, the one aspect that appears to be causing the most upset and controversy among fans is the offside ruling.

Wonderful goals have been disallowed because the scorer forgot to cut his fingernails the previous night and, as a consequence, protruded a millimetre or so beyond the last defender. Perhaps the sweep of an eyelash that VAR considered was ahead of the full back’s knee would chalk off yet another memorable goal.

But fear not, I have the perfect solution - do away with the offside rule!

Now before the soccer traditionalists and purists fall down in apoplectic fits, let’s consider the prospect of such a sweeping change a little closer and with an open mind.

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Firstly, every goal scored would count unless some other infringement occurred, which VAR could certainly rule on. It is likely that more goals would be scored which, let’s face it, would certainly make the game more exciting and would probably attract more fans to the game.

Tactics in both attack and defence would need to be modified and it would be intriguing to witness the efforts of the Jose Mourinhos, Jurgen Klopps and Pep Guardiolas of the Premier League in deciding as to whether attacking or defensive strategies would prove the most effective.

I know that this is most unlikely to happen, but wouldn’t it be great to attend matches with higher scorelines, such as the 7-4 thriller between PNE and Derby County in 1947 that will live longer in the memory than some of the 0-0 yawn-inducing matches that I have also witnessed.

Do I have any supporters?

Derek Rogerson

via email