'Please slow down and keep Wheel safe for all'

Preston's Guild WheelPreston's Guild Wheel
Preston's Guild Wheel
While the Guild Wheel is a beautiful place to walk or cycle, it is often spoilt by a minority of cyclists who seem unable to share the public path.

They will often speed past without warning or fail to slow down when approaching pedestrians.

They seem to think the path belongs solely to them and I worry that children or the elderly are being put at risk because of this reckless behaviour.

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The majority of cyclists who use the Wheel are perfectly courteous and careful of others, it is a shame that a minority have to act with recklessness and immaturity.

To those who act this way, please slow down and realise that the path is meant to be shared.

You of course have every right to cycle on it, but please do so in a way that keeps the Wheel safe for all who use it.

Concerned of Preston

Foolish to increase level

I am writing with regard to the latest situation at the hydraulic fracturing site at Preston New Road.

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It seems to me that Cuadrilla is about to put more pressure on Government ministers to increase the safety level for induced seismicity under the Traffic Light System.

We are constantly being told that in this country we have ‘gold standard’ regulations which are there to protect people and the environment.

These regulations must not be changed.

The local community is already concerned about the damage the seismic activity is causing.

If the Traffic Light System is increased it will, in my opinion, mean Cuadrilla will be able to work with disregard for safety, environmental protection and the local community.

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Science and engineering knowledge make it quite clear that to raise the safety limit of 0.5 would be dangerous, not only at surface level, but also underground to well integrity and the aquifer.

Cuadrilla must therefore work within the regulatory levels they themselves helped to set and agreed to, if they wish to continue.

It would, as the Minister of State declared, be extremely foolish to increase the safety level from 0.5 and I would hope that she is true to her word.

Mr G




An excuse for a day off school?

Good to see our school children expressing their concern over global warming, but how many of them go to school by private car rather than walking or riding a bike?

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What I find interesting was that they decided to strike from lessons on a school day rather than organising their protest on a Saturday when more youngsters could have attended without a guilty conscience – or was it that they just wanted another day’s holiday and they don’t give a jot about their education?

JA King

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