Pipe down and accept democracy at work

Deary me. Generation Snowflake don't like being told they can't have what they want, do they?

There was an EU referendum last Thursday after both sides fought a nasty campaign that was built on lies, scaremongering and racism that wouldn’t have looked out of place in 1930s Germany.

There was a massive turnout of 72 per cent, the biggest for a nationwide election since 1992, so a pretty fair representation of the country’s views.

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One side won and the other side lost, like they do in elections. But many who voted to Remain in the European Union (mainly younger voters) threw their teddies in the corner and howled their outrage all over social media all weekend that older Leave voters had betrayed them. How very dare they ignore their unshakeable views that are never allowed to be challenged?

They were right and these old buffers were wrong. They screamed and screamed and screamed until they were sick.

There were some cracking memes doing the rounds on the Internet that called out this self-entitled army of keyboard warriors.

The pick of the lot was a picture of a small boy screaming his head off in sheer temper with tears streaming down his face with the headline: “I believe in democracy. Until I don’t get my own way… then I have tantrums all over Facebook.”

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It didn’t take long for an online petition demanding a second referendum to do the rounds, with some MPs shrieking there should be a vote in Parliament to override the referendum result.

Hang on a minute. There was a referendum. Millions of people whose voices haven’t been heard by politicians for decades because they don’t want to listen, voted.

And they told them what they thought. And because sections of our political elite didn’t like it they want to ignore it. I know democracy is an illusion but this is taking the mickey. Elections aren’t like a driving test that you can take as many times as you like until you get the result you want.

For what it’s worth, I thought the Remain campaign had it in the bag. But David Cameron and George Osborne’s constant stream of scare stories and threats alienated millions of people who stuck two fingers up at them at the ballot box.

Cameron paid for it with his job and the way the vultures are circling it won’t be long before Osborne goes the same way.