Parking note writers drive me round the bend ...

What is it about a strip of pavement that turns people into absolute parking plonkers?
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Aasma Day

Some people have such a warped sense of entitlement to the parking spot right outside their house that when they spy a space invader, they revert back to childhood by scrawling nasty messages to leave on their car.

Yes, it can be annoying if you come home from work and discover there’s nowhere to park – but usually when it comes to these snide note writers, it’s not the case that there’s nowhere to park, but the fact they can’t park in the exact place they wanted.

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However, the absolute worst case of angry parking notes I’ve heard of is the vile woman who left an abusive message on an ambulance telling paramedics to move their van.

Thankfully, Kirsty Sharman was fined for her shocking note left while the paramedics were dealing with a medical emergency.

Personally, she should also have been fined for her appalling spelling as she wrote: “I couldn’t give a sh** if the whole street collasped”.

Let’s hope she never “collaspes” and needs an ambulance herself.

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To add insult to injury, she penned the spiteful note telling the ambulance it “had no right to park here” and to “move the van from outside my house” even though she doesn’t drive or own a car.

Unfortunately, she’s not alone in mistakenly believing she has a divine right to the space outside her house.

Much as people might prefer to park outside their home, it’s not “your right” – unless you have a designated parking space.

But this doesn’t stop those people who launch into abusive tirades with those who dare to park in “their” space or take the cowardly route of sticking a terse note on the offending vehicle.

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Some people even go to the lengths of stealing traffic cones and placing them outside their house to “reserve” their spot while the really pathetic folk spend their time peering out of their window and even taking photographs of errant motorists.

Do these saddos have nothing better to do with their time?

I admit it can be mildly irritating when you live in a street with limited parking and there’s nowhere nearby to park – but it’s important to keep a sense of perspective.

If they’re not blocking your driveway or causing an obstruction, they’re not doing anything wrong.

Those who live near schools and hospitals often get parking rage – but again, it’s important not to let it turn into an obsession.

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We used to live on a cul-de-sac near a school and at drop-off and pick-off time, our road would become extremely busy with cars.

But it didn’t rile us or wind us up as long as we weren’t blocked in.

One of the best responses I heard about to a snotty and aggressive note was after someone placed a note on a strange car on their road saying: “You don’t live here so don’t park here.”

They received a note back replying: “Nice to meet you too... I’m your new neighbour!”

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The truth is, unless a road has the correct signage and markings for “residents’ only” anyone can park there legally.

If people so desperately want to park outside their house at all times, they should buy a house with a drive!