Overtime policy’s beyond belief

Is there anything more romantic that watching robots from the future punch and shoot each other’s faces off over a couple of hours?

Tuesday, 19th November 2019, 5:00 pm

Probably, but the movie choices available for The German and I, for a relaxing night at the movies, were a bit limited.

It was either the relentlessly violent Terminator 23 (or whatever number they’re up to now), the horror movie Doctor Sleep or watching the unhinged Joker descend into madness over 120 minutes. Terminator won by dint of the fact it was the next one on at the cinema when we arrived.

At least we wouldn’t have to wait for a fix of deranged brutality.

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Having seen all the Terminator series, maybe this time they’d manage to save our future from murderous tin men once and for all, erm, again. If you’re not familiar with the storyline, here’s a quick synopsis.

Don’t worry, I’ll try not to give too much away: People get chased by killer robots.

With the Terminator movie you’re advised to check your brain in at the popcorn counter on arrival. You won’t be needing it for the duration of the film.

My better half certainly did that.

In one scene, a blazing warplane is hurtling towards a dam as two robots, one with spears for arms, throttle each other in the cargo hold. The whole battle in the night sky is witnessed by workers in hard hats on the dam wall. The German leaned across to me, shaking her head, and whispered: “As if there’d be people working that late at night.”

So she can accept time-travelling shape-shifting metal men from the future grappling in the flames of a plummeting warplane, but workers on night-shift at the Hoover Dam? Preposterous!

I ran with it. I’m a fan of dystopian futures.

By all accounts there’s one coming just after December 12. The tech war has already started. Malevolent forces have been a work hacking into the Labour Party’s website.

Who’s to say this meddling may not have far-reaching implications?

In Terminator, humankind is all but wiped-out when the artificial intelligence operating defence systems becomes ‘self-aware.’

What will happen if hackers breach the Brexit Party’s website and Nigel Farage becomes self-aware?

He might lose that hat for a start...Now that hat really is preposterous.