One step ahead of the moon game

Getting out of the car in the office car park Friday I tripped, thankfully no broken ankle but one of my shoes was not so lucky.

By Nicola Jaques
Monday, 3rd February 2020, 5:31 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd February 2020, 5:36 pm
The broken shoe.....
The broken shoe.....

The sole of the left one had completely come away leaving me with laptop and bags in hand to flap my way to the desk.

This pretty much summed up the week, in fact January itself.

Chatting to a friend on Thursday evening we took to analysing 2020 so far - her husband has been working abroad for more than a month; she has three lovely boys under seven so fully understands what it is to have a testing week.

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When bedtime called at 6.30pm Tuesday, she was the perfect partner to join the pity party but no one likes to be stuck in a puddle.

So it was decided together we’d rewrite the narrative beginning with the mornings, being accountable to getting up, being organised and getting our tribes off to school without any need for shouting like a banshee.

We enjoyed limited success with this. Mini-me was back to her usual airy fairy form, resulting in a missing library book somewhere between school and the car, despite leaving with it in her hands.

The second one lost his playtime after an energetic PE session in which rather than ‘tagging’ a team mate, he instead opted for a foul rugby tackle.

At the friend’s end, her second had refused to engage with PE full stop. At pick-up the teacher was waiting to tell her, he was under the table in the classroom and would she like to retrieve him herself.

There’s nothing quite like the listening ear which gets it. It’s not ‘us’ we tell ourselves. It’s January, it’s been a long month and as it turns out an intense moon cycle, if you’re into that kind of thing, which could have had something to do with it.

Especially if like me you are a Capricorn. January 10 full moon in particular brought with it intense emotions, which had the ability to dull rational thinking. That explained a lot.

It turns out the safe space in bed at 6.30pm was probably a good move. So my intention moving forward, with mended shoes, is that I am now ahead of the moon’s game.

The upside is February with it’s extra day could, I’ve learned, transform lives.

February 4 brings with it an awakening and liberating new moon, creating a sharp energetic shift for anyone who has felt a bit stuck.

Exciting. I’ll be ready for some focus and balance so 2020 can begin again.