No Brexit blame for Cameron

The former Prime Minister has no reason to be ashamed of himself for calling the Referendum in 2016 because he, like everyone else, knew that Brexit was a matter which needed to be settled by a vote.

Nor could he be blamed for the furore which followed this referendum turning Parliament into a bear garden and pitting MP against MP as the row escalated to its present proportions.

The people who should be ashamed of themselves are those parliamentarians who, despite their promise to support the result of the referendum, continue to campaign noisily against leaving the EU in a way which ignores the result of this ballot despite the promise of Parliament to support that result whatever it was.

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Now we have reached the stage where Parliament has been so obstructive and impossible to deal with that reaching an amicable solution is impossible and therefore the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has created more trouble by proroguing the House for several weeks in a desperate bid to reach a solution. Mr Cameron does not mince his words in his new memoirs, published this weekend, in which he says Boris Johnson and the senior Cabinet figure Michael Gove behaved “appallingly”, accuses Johnson of supporting Leave for his own ends and calls his one-time friend Gove “mendacious”. Strong stuff.

Rows and disputes in Cabinet are not unknown but it is rare for an ex Prime Minister to use such blatant language against two of his most senior colleagues when he was at Number Ten.

Meanwhile, yet another Conservative MP has defected to the Liberal Democrats, which seems to be the only party - it is firmly pro Remain - to benefit from Johnson’s drastic action over Parliament. However, Labour remain at sixes and sevens over their stance on Brexit, with key figures in their leadership totally at odds with each other.

Never have Britain’s political institutions been so fraught by such vicious both inter party and intra party troubles.

How on earth Johnson will get out of this mess, despite his alleged optimism, remains a mystery.