May on brink as Davis walks

No one can any longer be fooled by the claim that the Cabinet is totally and irrevocably united about the new Brexit blueprint, announced by the Prime Minister at the brainstorming Chequers meeting on Friday.

The sudden resignation of David Davis, who has been leading the Brussels negotiations, only 48 hours after the Chequers meeting, explodes at a stroke the Government’s pretence that all is sweetness and light. This trains the spotlight relentlessly on the Prime Minister.

Can she survive this massive blow to her authority, let alone control this unruly and fractious Cabinet?

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Michael Gove’s boast that there is total unity is now laughable.

The first indication that all was not well was the carefully leaked crude gutter language used by the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, about the new “way forward”.

Davis’ resignation, and his biting resignation letter, will give more power to Brussels and less to Westminster as this shaky Government battles on, weakened beyond measure. Labour now believe, as do others, that the Government is falling apart.

- Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, pictured, is not only a disgrace to the capital but a damaging embarrassment to the UK as a whole. His crass decision to allow the anti-Trump lobby to fly a grotesque balloon over London, depicting Trump as a baby in a nappy, was stupid and infantile.

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You may not approve of President Trump, but he is, nevertheless, the elected leader of the United States, which is the UK’s greatest ally and with whom we share a special relationship.

What a contrast to the warmth with which Trump was greeted by France recently. The flying of this ludicrous object, just as Trump arrives on our shores, could do immense damage.

Why should the United States tolerate such a pathetic demonstration – authorised by the Mayor of London, no less – without some kind of unwelcome response?

No wonder Trump is barely visiting London during this short trip.

You cannot blame him for wanting to avoid the howling mob.