'Listen to us before making decisions'

In my opinion, to which it is said I am legally entitled, the city’s administrators have miserably failed to improve anything at all with the partial regeneration of Preston’s streets.
Fishergate, PrestonFishergate, Preston
Fishergate, Preston

It should have been patently obvious that vehicles would drive onto the pavements, so pedestrians would need to avoid them.

The vehicles also leave oil drips all over the expensive slabs, which also suffer damage and become uneven.

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Leaving open the top of the Market Hall’s end walls guarantees cold air inside where hard working stall holders have to muffle themselves up with many warm layers!

In Bamber Bridge, the main thoroughfare is cluttered with unsightly trees in ugly planters. A couple of signs warn us about a trip hazard and a footpath under repairs. This, after the millions spent on what wasn’t needed and failed to meet our expectations.

Whoever planned the location of the bus stop on the junction with Withy Grove Road, which obstructs drivers and pedestrians alike, clearly had no forethought for our safety.

Despite these many flaws, the residents largely make the best of the bad deal and remain friendly and cheerful. They just would like better consultations followed by the delivery of what we want, need and pay for!

G W Richards

Bamber Bridge