Readers' letters: End the lockdown - let us go out now

A street sweeper stands outside shuttered shops as the UK continues in lockdownA street sweeper stands outside shuttered shops as the UK continues in lockdown
A street sweeper stands outside shuttered shops as the UK continues in lockdown | pa
Three things are required for sanity: fresh air; exercise; and conviviality. The latter is crucial as humans are social beings who require companionship. Hence a government which limits all three is heading towards a cliff edge.

There is an innate snobbishness about the Tory Party and it has reared its ugly head during this coronavirus epidemic. To be told that one hour is sufficient time outside for the plebs by someone who lives in a detached house with its own grounds grates on my teeth.

Not one word of sympathy, or even a mention of the difficulties being foisted on people who live in big cities in apartment tower blocks.

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Instead we see the spectacle of dog walkers in the empty Derbyshire Dales persecuted by a special flying drone and a chief constable, no less, threatening that shopping trolleys will be searched for non-essential items.

Worst of all is the lack of face to face contact with family and close friends.

To be told that the lockdown may continue for months is wrong. There is no evidence to prove this is necessary.

The man responsible for this hare-brained scheme has been unable or unwilling to release his statistical analysis nor his study of the subject. It is wild guesswork which has gone from 500,000 to 50,000 to 20,000 deaths.

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Over a million people have already lost their jobs; much more if you include the self-employed ‘man with a van’. Many small shops face ruination.

The Government’s answer has been to borrow more money than in the Second World War. No-one alive today will live to see the final repayment.

It is interesting to note Sweden has chosen not to go for lockdown.

It is blessed with two world class scientists on these subjects – Dr Anders Tegnell and Prof Johan Giesecke – the statistics seem to support them.

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I think Sweden is going to shame the rest of Europe as life is carrying on there and other medical care is saving lives.

Edward Johnson



Concerns over future of NHS

I am writing out of deep concern for our NHS and its future.

Are readers aware that the Government has recently published its Trade


Shockingly, and contrary to Boris Johnson promising that the NHS would not be up for sale, there is no protection for our NHS from trade deals.

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This leaves open the opportunity for our NHS to be offered in trade deals to the USA, whose health companies will take profits from our ill health, further splitting our ‘National Treasure’.

Our National Health Service is precious, valued by all in this country as providing equal treatment when the need arises.

Profit only drains our already stretched resources.

Other voices have been heard in the media this last week referring to the commercialisation that has already taken place since the Conservative Government’s Health & Social Care Act of 2012, which I, and many others, both locally and nationally, tried to prevent.

I call upon our local MP, David Morris, to commit publicly to amending the Trade Bill so our health service can never be opened up to more privatisation through trade deals.

M Holmes

Bolton le Sands


Lions led

by donkeys

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Is it just me who’s fed up with floating bubbles of speculation, conjecture and banality emitting from Chris ‘witterer’ Whitty and Matt (Geoffrey, supervisor in Hi-de-Hi) Hancock (pictured)?

Surely it’s social distancing, masks/PPE, testing and vaccines?

All the rest is speculation.

If the Government is still rudderless, ask for advice from Germany.

Our people seem to be social distancing and playing their part, medical staff are risking their lives and private businesses are offering to mass produce PPE, which the Government ignore. Consequently, these are being exported.

It all smacks of lions led by donkeys.

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Oh, and as I am asthmatic, thank you to the lady who kindly gave me some simple face masks. Any chance you could run the country?


via email


Footballers, stop spitting

A report that suggests footballers should wear face masks when they recommence training and playing games brought a smile to my face.

The virus is spread by airborne droplets (my terminology) when someone sneezes or coughs.

Are the authorities going to advise players to refrain from spitting? Presumably the sputum carries the virus through the air and lies on the pitch alive and active for a period of time.

We see players in many other sports spitting.

What an opportunity to stamp it out.

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In reality it would be like enforcing the 20mph speed limit.

Chris Barwise

Ashton, Preston


Joggers on Promenade

I bet all these guys jogging on Morecambe Promenade will be glad when this lockdown is over with, so they can stay at home!

Herbie Hart, Morecambe