Readers' letters: Ashamed of disgraceful behaviour of English fans

Denmark's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel 
(Picture: AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, Pool)Denmark's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel 
(Picture: AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, Pool)
Denmark's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (Picture: AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic, Pool)
I have to express my utter abhorrence at the behaviour of the English fans prior to the football match with Denmark.

Their booing at the National Anthem of Denmark was at best disrespectful and at worst racial abuse. Those fans should be ashamed: ashamed for them to have done it and ashamed that they shamed our nation.

How would they like it if another nation booed when our National Anthem was being played? I thought that we were a tolerant country.

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Unfortunately this showed us not to be so tolerant of other countries and for why? Simply because Denmark were the opposition to our national football team? It also nullifies the gentlemanly gesture of the two captains shaking hands.

Yes, I also felt ashamed and would hope that most English men and women would be equally so, as well as embarrassed.

But the moronic behaviour did not end even before the match had started.

No, one contemptible rogue decided to bring in a laser torch to shine on Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel’s face just as Harry Kane took the penalty. So, due to this moron’s criminal actions (people can be blinded by such lasers, thus committing assault causing actual bodily harm), we can now be labelled cheats as well.

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It came as no surprise then that UEFA has charged the English football team on these two counts. Had I been on UEFA, I would have done one of two things: either ban English spectators from our own national football stadium or hold the final match in Rome, and again no English fans would be allowed. It is perhaps too late to change things now, but a strong message needs to be sent out at the final that such behaviour will be recorded and that offenders will be punished heavily. I hope the FA find out who was responsible and BOOt them out of all matches for life. Football does NOT need that type of spectator and neither does this country.

If there are any Danes reading this, I would like to apologise on behalf of all decent English people for the disrespect that these so-called fans have shown. It was only by good fortune that the laser beam shiner wasn’t so accurate in his/her aim (and just hope he or she is not in the army!) Those of us with a conscience are sorry for what happened and I, for one, despise those who have brought shame on England and the punishment that will follow on our English footballers.

NS via email

Uncaring face of the Tories

We have seen in the past and are continuing to see the uncaring face of the Tories.

This Cabinet of millionaires have lost contact with reality. They do not care about the poor who are struggling to exist on benefits and very low pensions (not all pensioners are well-off).

It does not affect them, they don’t care.

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Boris promised to tackle and solve the social care crisis once and for all. Promise broken, he does not care.

Boris promised no changes to the triple lock on pensions. Promise broken, they are alright, they don’t care.

The Government made money out of the Miners’ Pension funds. He said they would return. Now Rishi Sunak has grabbed that. It does not affect him, he does not care.

Knowing where their own next meal is coming from, subsidised by the taxpayer, they have no qualms about taking back the £20 rise in Universal Credit from those who need it most.

They do not care.

They claim the NHS is safe in our hands!

No, it is not.

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They are introducing back door privatisation to the NHS with their chums getting places on NHS Boards. They don’t care!

What a different world it would be if we had an honest Government and one that cared about the people and not just their own personal fortunes.

Terry Bennett


Affordable housing

Re: Council wins battle over affordable housing (LP July 6).

Heavens above, doesn’t it make you feel sorry for these ‘poor’ house builders who cite that they wouldn’t make a profit if they have to include affordable homes?

Absolute claptrap.

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What they mean is they wouldn’t make such extortionate gains.

They make huge profits or they wouldn’t be building and have learned every trick to avoid fulfilling the shortage of houses that the less fortunate can afford.

The last one being in Broughton.

The list is endless of shirking responsibilities – schools, shops, community swimming pools (Longridge), restaurant/pubs et cetera.

Builders sit on land banks for years before finding the most opportune moment to develop as businesses.

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This is what they do without much concern for the community.

There are exceptions of course where councils have forced builders to include facilities, such as public spaces as seen in Cottam.

If planning permission is given for specific buildings, surely the obligation is to

deliver not a watered-down or trumped version of it.

Exasperated Preston resident

Covid will

still be with us

I only hope that Sajid Javid, the new health supremo, knows what he is doing by ending restrictions on the wearing of face masks after July 19.

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The more responsible people have gone out of their way to have their Covid jabs and wear masks when required, only to find that, because the irresponsible people that refuse to have their jabs start to fill up the hospitals with Covid ailments, it stops them from getting non Covid-related treatments because all the hospital beds are full.

Surely it must be common sense that, if people start mingling in numbers without masks – whether it’s on transport, at sporting events, or in shops and workplaces – the infection rates could go through the roof .

The Government’s mantra is that they have always been guided by the scientific advice but even the scientists are questioning the wisdom of not wearing masks in public.

Just remember one thing, that even after July 19, the Covid virus will still be amongst us.

M Tipper