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Think of other lane users

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 27th October 2016, 5:42 pm
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:52 am
A correspondent calls Halloween a menace. See letter
A correspondent calls Halloween a menace. See letter

At 2pm on Wednesday, October 19, I was walking along Green Lane East, minding my own business and enjoying the views when three cyclists suddenly appeared from under the shade of the trees, moving at a very high speed towards me, swinging about all over the narrow lane.

I had the presence of mind to stand stock still in the middle so they could pass either side. Jumping to one side or the other would probably have been entering a collision path. They went off at an enormous speed, bellowing insults over their shoulders, no doubt feeling very safe from recognition in the anonymity of their velcro, helmets and goggles.

I have often been passed by many cyclists (including whole cycle clubs!) along this lane with no problem. They come along at a reasonable speed, giving plenty of time for pedestrians to leave them a clear passage. With mutual consideration, pedestrians and cyclists can easily share the lane. However, a group of cyclists acting in a selfish and unconsidered way represents a problem.

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All sorts of people of all ages and states of infirmity use Green Lane East where they feel safe from the dangers of motor vehicles (due to the pillars at each end). The elderly, the very young, people in wheelchairs or on crutches, some may have less than perfect sight or hearing – they should all be perfectly safe. But my recent experience indicates they are probably not.

It is only a matter of time before there is a violent collision resulting in injury or death. The cyclist could end up with a criminal record. There would be no winners. May I therefore appeal to all cyclists using Green Lane East to do so with consideration for other lane users who may be visually impaired and not able to act fast at the approach of a group, or individual, moving at very high speed.

R. E Hastings,



We need a ban on fracking

The UK Government will soon ratify the Paris climate agreement. The world’s countries have agreed this treaty, recognising that climate change is the greatest threat to all humanity, and there is strong agreement amongst experts that we have already reached a point that is really serious.

The Government cannot claim to be serious about tackling climate change, and start a whole new fossil fuel industry which is a cause of it, or build a fracking infrastructure which would take time to decommission, rather than importing gas until clean renewables can take over. If only for these reasons, the Government must hold a vote in Parliament to ban fracking before any further drilling takes place.

Please sign the petition at – just click on the petition icon on the top of the page.

Philip Mitchell

North Lancashire Green Party


Menace of Halloween

It seems to me that Halloween is a menace, and has become more so in recent years (American influence perhaps?)

I certainly have no recollections of kids and adults making such an issue of it when I was a youngster. Above all, it’s not just restricted to one night, pumpkins have been on sale since mid-September.

And it’s not just Halloween I hate, bonfire night is another. Remember, remember I could well do without. And in this respect I know I speak for those with pets who have a terrible time with dogs that don’t understand all the loud bangs. These start well before November 5 (and after) too.

Neil Kendall,

Address supplied


Has anyone found my bag?

I lost my brown handbag in a Scorton park on Saturday.

I was wondering if a small piece could be placed in the Courier in case someone has it but doesn’t know where to return it to.

The bag is of significant sentimental value.

Amy Gregson

via email
Ring the Courier at 01772 554537 and we’ll pass your details on to Amy.

thank you

Kindness of community

I would like to thank the community of Garstang for all their cards, calls and well-wishes since my husband Roderick passed away on September 29.

Eileen Fildes