Letters - October 19, 2019

Will you be watching MPs vote on the Brexit deal on Saturday?Will you be watching MPs vote on the Brexit deal on Saturday?
Will you be watching MPs vote on the Brexit deal on Saturday?
An age-old game of empire building

The UK Remain establishment will not accept our democratic vote for UK independence.

Politicians such as Hilary Benn, John Bercow, Tony Blair and others brazenly collude with the aims of the EU to ensure that the whole of the UK remains under EU administration – a sort of Vichy Britain. As a substitute, Remains are now encouraging the EU to annex part of the UK.

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But territorial gains are not enough to appease the EU. Further reparations include the UK handing over more cash than if we had remained an EU province, and allowing the EU to retain control our fishing resources. It is not just tribute, Remains want to see our armed forces under EU control, too.

This is the age-old game of empires being played out before our eyes. There is no need of military conquest since the EU can make the UK a colony with the connivance of our own establishment.

Nick Martinek

via email


Independence but no more handouts

Who in the 21st century benefits from our historic ‘Union’? For centuries we have encountered problems with Ireland, Scotland is troublesome and Wales comparatively passive.

They all have their own parliaments or assemblies. Is it not time to give them total autonomy but on one condition – England no longer provides any financial support? They stand or fall by their own efforts as do the rest of the world. In the meantime, their political leaders should heed the old saying, “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

Peter Rickaby

address supplied


Help with ‘survival our species’...

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Congratulations to the thousands of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists who took part in the occupations, demonstrations and direct action in our capital city. These events in mid-October followed the global climate strikes which saw over seven million people take to the streets across the world.

This new and vibrant social movement shows no sign of losing momentum.

The climate and ecological emergency has become the biggest mobilising issue for years. It is quickly developing into a mass movement due to the real situation of runaway climate change which threatens the future of our planet and, in turn, the survival of our species.

But it also taps into wider frustrations about an unjust, oppressive and unequal world. XR has transformed fear and anger over climate change into a worldwide movement.

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The defiant actions of the protesters have put demands on politicians.

But many rightly don’t trust them to deliver.

That is why we need a bigger movement involving masses of people so we can win the change we need.

Please consider supporting, in whatever ways you can, the young people who are preparing for the next planned global day of action on November 28.

We do not inherit the world from our ancestors.

We borrow it from our children.

Join the Rebellion. Another world is possible. Visit https://rebellion.earth

Mick Mulcahy

address supplied


Don’t lose sight of NHS this winter

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The NHS is understaffed and underfunded, with doctors and their colleagues fighting a daily battle to guarantee safe, high-quality care in the face of rocketing demand.

While the Government has set out its ambitions, the NHS requires immediate, decisive, action. This means a rapid increase in investment, the end of punitive pension rules that penalise doctors for going to work and introducing legislation to create clear lines of accountability for safe staffing. With Brexit dominating, politicians must not sight of the immediate pressures facing our NHS as we head into what could be its worst winter yet.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul

BMA Council chair


Worst ever run-down of libraries

I fear that the Government promise of more money for libraries and museums is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Funding will go to larger capital projects, doubtless welcome, but day to day revenue funding of libraries and museums won’t be helped at all. Public libraries have increasingly limited book funds and have lost thousands of professional staff since the Conservatives came to power in 2010. It’s been the worst ever run-down of libraries.

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In many areas, a generation are growing up without accessing libraries, an appalling threat to literacy. “Big ticket” spending announcements are a common tactic of governments approaching a general election. Will the public be fooled?

Roger Backhouse

via email