The Internet is a perfect platform for the bitter and twisted

Don't bitter people leave a bad taste in your mouth?

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd May 2017, 5:23 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:04 pm
Aasma Day
Aasma Day

There are always those in life who see the world through a negative light and are so consumed with cynicism, jealousy and spite, they cannot bring themselves to be happy for anyone else.

Like a cup of tea that’s been left to stew too long, bitterness becomes stronger over time and takes a grip of the person like a disease and they try to infect those around them.

A particularly vile case of bitter vindictiveness emerged when a new image was released of Princess Charlotte to mark her second birthday.

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With her glossy dark hair and chubby toddler cheeks, Will and Kate’s daughter looks adorably cute and is a happy, confident child.

Yet vicious internet trolls have targeted the little girl by describing her as “ugly”, “looking inbred” and a “vile, spoilt brat”.

Even her clothing and hair came in for cruel criticism as she was accused of having a “middle aged blow dry” and wearing a “hideous cardigan making her look like an old granny already.”

Do these people realise this is an innocent two-year-old child they are being so despicable about?

Love or loathe the royals, Princess Charlotte can’t help the family she was born into and these nasty comments are utterly shameful.

Anyone who directs their jealous venom towards a child who can’t even fight back is beneath contempt and must have a pretty sad life if the only way they can get their kicks is by lashing out at a youngster they don’t even know.

Sadly, bitter and twisted people are not a new phenomenon created by social media.

What the internet has done is give these people an outlet to unleash their misery by participating in what is quite frankly bullying.

Hidden behind a keyboard, these cowardly trolls spout their hateful bile at those who have done them no wrong and the reason for their cruelty is pure envy.

I was always brought up with the philosophy: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Bitterness is a particularly unattractive trait whether it manifests itself online or just in life generally.

Those wallowing in bitterness are often unhappy in their own lives and as a result they resent and begrudge other people’s success even when they have worked long and hard for it.

These people are so possessed by the green-eyed monster they can’t bring themselves to congratulate someone on something like a promotion or a new job.

Or if they do, it’s done through gritted teeth with no sincerity and is usually followed by snide and rude comments which betray their real feelings.

Bitter people complain about everything and appreciate nothing.

They wade in self-pity and their anger stems from not being happy with their own life but they don’t have the courage to change it.

Some feel it’s too late to go after what they want and succumb to bitterness.

Blowing out somebody else’s candles doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

Bitterness is an ugly thing – as is trolling a child.